Day 21 of


and it’s still not too late join in. 

The theme for today is ‘library!’.


This isn’t my library… but probably the world’s smallest library ever, in a phone box!

You can read all about my visit here. 

I made these cute little flower bookmarks and left them as a present.



Day 18 of


and it’s still not too late join in. 

The theme for today is ‘gratitude’.


A yarnpom

the perfect way to express gratitude!


Hooking al fresco…

I have been so blessed to escape life for one whole week and kick back with the Robins clan…

WP_20160813_20_14_23_ProThe weather was more than kind to us, we even braved the sea for a session of body boarding!  That in itself may not seem that amazing, but if I tell you that the only water that Mama Robins likes is of the hot and bubbly variety…body boarding in the sea was a small miracle (it was so much fun too!).

InstagramCapture_4cd5d3ea-d57d-47ed-8631-cfc17f410c9bOf course I got some hooking in; mostly on the go.  Instead of taking a mammoth project like I usually do, I took just one hook and a single ball of yarn.  I didn’t even take a pattern and made it up as I went…


The yarn was the hank I had won a few months ago all the way from South Africa from Joey over at her fabulous blog, Littleblackdog, which you can read about here.

InstagramCapture_d6cd7a58-1408-4400-99e6-4f8c05f068f5The freedom of just one hook and a little bit of yarn meant I hooked every where…beach hooky….pool side hooky…farm hooky…

WP_20160817_19_35_55_ProI met the coolest sheep too, just take a look at him.

WP_20160820_15_21_49_ProBut I think the most yarniest place we visited was this place…

WP_20160818_12_59_15_ProClovelly…a tiny village of quaint cottages that seemed to tumble down into the harbour.  The cobbled street is so steep that it is unsuitable for vehicles and can only be accessed on foot or by donkey.  To stay overnight at the cutest bed and breakfast, your belongings are transported from the car park at the top to your accommodation by sledge…yes, I said sledge!!

WP_20160818_14_49_01_ProThe steep journey down is rewarded with an 18th Century harbour which the boy Robins loved. Taking much delight in hurling rocks into the sea with a catapult!

WP_20160818_13_15_27_ProWP_20160818_13_26_11_ProBut, I digress slightly…yes, it is a yarny place.  On the way down I discovered this beautiful doorway

WP_20160818_13_11_31_ProAnd this little cottage with a yarny roof


And a yarn bombed lamp post

WP_20160818_15_08_51_ProAnd of course I did a bit of my own hooking.


Hooking al fresco has proved quite satisfying indeed.




Possibly the world’s smallest library and crochet of course!

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon an article in the local newspaper, which has led to a little adventure today.  Today being a wet and grey and cold day, today being my first week day off since Christmas.  So as you can probably imagine, today is a treasured day and one just right for a wee adventure.

 So, after diligently completing the school run, I drove just ten little minutes into the very wet countryside 


into a sweet little village, which I have only visited a couple of times before, for the annual scarecrow festival held in September, when it would seem the whole world turns up.  Today, it seemed as if I was the only one here.

 My adventure was not a wild one, but it made me feel hopeful of humanity and I did find the tiny, little library


nestled on the corner of an ordinary street…



from a little way off you would hardly guess what an alternative purpose was hidden inside,


but once inside there were treasures to behold…

my current read!

and I had come prepared…a gift for the library…an old book no longer required.


So I nestled it on the shelf, wandering who would choose my book.  I also left a little yarniness…


some cute paper clip bookmarks , and I wandered some more about who would choose these…


and so with happiness in my heart, I drove the ten minutes home, feeling cold and wet…but not a bit grey


and made myself a brew, ready to come and tell you all about what is possibly the world’s smallest library, the back story of which can be found just here, and the often times, lovely spirit of humanity.


Happy Birthday Jess

This last few weeks has seen Jess turn one…

at 8 weeks old
                                                                                             at 8 weeks old…so cute xx


at 1 year old... still cute x
                                                                               at 1 year old… still cute x

It has also seen my eldest two robins start year seven at High school…

they are growing so quickly...
                                                                                          they are growing so quickly…

I also passed my return to practice course in nursing… (happy dance) and have commenced training as a Health Visitor (happy dance…feeling overwhelmed…happy dance)

my study buddy...
                                                                                      my study buddy…

not sure I have time to celebrate with another yarn bomb!  There has also been a lot of disruption in the Robin’s nest


Which is still ongoing, but will be worth the extra grey hairs it is giving me.

So far this year I have truly lived by BRAVE… and now Autumn is nearly here… my most favourite time of year and to embrace this season and welcome it with open arms… I’ve spent a little time pinning my Autumn happies… I just hope I can weave in some time to create.





tree house pimping…

Whilst there has been so much going on, to include my computer being at near death, I have managed a little pimping of the tree house…

african flower garland
African flower garland


now to get this computer resuscitated and I will be able to post once again!! 



A quick update this week.  

This week saw my first pattern release on  a yarny robin… and it’s free


This is how my list is looking today, 


  • headbands for Bowdazzling (charity for young girls undergoing chemotherapy) 

  • fingerless gloves (added to the list Aug 2014)

  • x1 yarnbomb in my community

  • winter hats for the Lil’ Robins and Mr R  

     minion hat for my winter robin by request

      – beanies for my Summer Robin and  Autumn Robin and for Mr R.


  • scrapghan 

    fabric buttons

  • bunting

    hook holder

    a crochet wall hanging

    charity SIBOL blankets (Sunshine International Blankets Of Love) charity for the elderly… have a look at SIBOL

    tree house decoration

    broomstick crochet photo tutorial 


    9 more yarnbombs in my community

If you would like to take part in a year of projects it’s never too late to join in with us or if you would like to take a look at some other blogs taking part, take a look here.

 I have also set myself the crazy challenge of hooking a ‘his and hers’ blanket for my Mom and Dad for Christmas, hence this quick update… my hands should be hooking!

Operation pompom

Following the creation of my pompom board on pinterest and being inspired by so many different ways to make pompoms, my excited and inspired mind whizzed and whizzed, whilst my hands made more and more pompoms…

making several pompoms all at once
making several pompoms all at once
a little trim here and there
a little trim here and there
26 minutes later... 12 little pompoms made
26 minutes later… 12 little pompoms made

and before I knew where I was… I was sitting under an avalanche of prettiness.  This yarny magnificence was also, if the truth be told, a welcome distraction from the University application which I should have been filling in!


101 pompoms later
101 pompoms later

It wasn’t long before this clutch of fluffiness had been strung together for one yarny purpose

2014-09-13 13.15.54


all ready to go!
all ready to go!

I just need to find the right place now… so give me a couple of days and I will show you my yarnpom reveal.