Epic Fail…

  I was hoping so much that I would have posted the next pattern in the Grandma Collection by now.  Clearly I haven’t!!

I’m just at that point where I can smile about it. 

I have been spending the very little spare time I have working on and designing  my newest tea cosy and I absolutely hate the finished result…

in fact, I would go as far to say that it is hideous. 

What was I thinking!!!!

I can’t even bring myself to show you a finished  picture. 

It is such an epic fail!

So for now I have banished the said cosy to the bottom of a bag…a cheap plastic carrier bag at that…and when I can begin to face the redesign I will begin again. 

Until then I am going to try and do the following…

and console myself with hooking patterns from other designers which I know will float my boat; because life is just too short to be worrying about a tea cosy!


Sunday Shawl Love…


This is my Mellow Sunday Shawl by Alia Bland.

I want to start by telling you how amazing this is to hook, how simple, yet stunningly beautiful. 

I want to tell you how deliciously soft scheepjes merino is and how it creates such a gorgeous stitch definition. 

I want to shout with joy at just how happy I am with these amazing mellow colours; but that will all become obvious when you see the pictures! 

I started with this serene grey

lowry 604 Scheepjes merino soft…

This was a therapeutic hook, the subtle tone of the yarn, and the ease of the pattern made for a quick hook up of the main body.  I really enjoyed that each stitch was made in between the stitches of the previous row and not in the top of the stitches as is usual. 

My heart was skipping towards the next colour though.  A teal; and one of my favourite colours of all time.

Ansingh 643

Next a perfect pink…

Degas 632

This yarn is a dream, it is a dk weight, but it has a satisfying plumpness to it, making it pleasantly squashy!  This pale pink was followed  by an equally gorgeous spring green.

Kandinsky 625

The quick colour changes make this pattern good for the soul…you know how I love colour.

Van Gough 641

This mustard colour makes me very, very happy, but then so does this sky blue…

Magritte 614

And so this enjoyable colour changing border continued…

Beautiful Stitches Abounded…
squee…it is such a happy hook!

Until my heart near burst as the pattern instructed me to hook scallops and I politely  introduced this even paler pink.

Titian 647

Just as I was getting a little too giddy with these colours, the pattern rescued me with a tad more grey; sobering me and gently grounding me. 

I had a dilemma deciding on which colour to finish this charming shawl with…

in the end it had to be the mellow mustard (Van Gough 641).  

I have a lot of love for this shawl and this yarn, so excuse my indulgence in a few more photo’s. 

Details of the pattern and yarn, which I highly recommend   can be found by clicking on the links at the top of this post, but just in case you can’t be bothered they are just here to. 


Just as a footnote: this review contains my genuine opinions on this pattern and this yarn, for which I am not being paid.

Scheepjes merino soft yarn in

Kandinsky            625    50g

           Degas             632    50g

Van Gough            641   50g

          Titian              647   50g 

  MagrittE               614  50G

       Ansingh             643   50G

      Lowry                   604  250G

purchased from Woolwarehouse

Pattern:  The Sunday Shawl by Alia Bland.

A Little Bit of This….

And a little bit of that…

and a little bit all over the place really. 

I am feeling most unsettled and have a severe case of startitis as a result! 

The unfortunate side of this has meant (for the purposes of treatment) I have had to place a yarn order; which has not arrived yet, so I can not report if this treatment has been successful or not.  I will let you know how the treatment goes in due course!

What I can show you is what I have on my hooks as a consequence of this starting infliction.

Sunday Shawl main body

This is the start of my new shawl, the Sunday shawl by Alia Bland. I am totally in love with it. 

Tea cosy designing…

This is the start of my latest tea cosy I am designing for The Grandma Collection.  I am pleased to have got off the blocks with this one as I have been meaning to start this for a wee while now.

A baby blanket…

Finally, I am still hooking this baby blanket too, which is looking mighty fine and is super squidgy.

So, as you can see I am hooking like a goodun’ and will have a pattern release very soon…subject to successful treatment. 

Now, where is that postman?



I am addicted to shawls…It’s official! 



As soon as the chocolate peacock virus shawl was off my hook, I was chaining this little beauty…

wp_20170115_10_22_18_proThe pattern is called ‘pink shawl’ by Cecile Balladino, available in Simply Crochet issue 31.


The pattern is a sumptuous mix of shells and popcorns and I  absolutely loved hooking this shawl .  It was not mindless hooking however, even though it is only a six row repeat, I had  to keep count and keep note of where exactly I was in the pattern.  Having said that, if you keep track the pattern is easy enough to follow and makes up quickly.  Each time it came to hooking those scrumptious popcorn stitches my heart swelled with delirious satisfaction.


The yarn I have chosen is clearly not pink, and it is for this reason that I am slightly disappointed  with the shawls name… ‘pink shawl’.  I am often drawn to patterns by their names alone and this shawls name does not do it justice.  At the very least it deserves a name that is pretty or elaborate.


That tiny twinge of disappointment  however, is consumed with pure delight in this yarn.  The yarn is the most beautifully soft cotton mix I have ever had the pleasure of running through my fingers and I happened upon it by happy accident. 


I found it at the bottom of a bargain bin in my local yarn store, buried underneath some very unattractive yarn.  It was marked at just 50 pence a ball.   So I scrambled through the bin and found seven 50g balls.  I paid £3.50 at the till in haste and left before the very lovely lady realised what she had just sold for so little.  

Further serendipity ensured it was just enough yarn for this shawl too.   I have used 325g of yarn for this shawl, although the pattern states 150g.  This yarn was a dream to hook with, it slid with ease over my hook and did not split at all.  It also has a very pretty lustre.

I think my shawl is a lot larger than the pattern, despite using the same weight yarn and hook size.  The yarn suggested in the pattern is silk based whereas I have hooked with a Patons 45% cotton mix yarn. 

But, I am extremely pleased with my shawls size, it is a real beauty to snuggle in and the cotton mix ensures the textured popcorns drape wonderfully.

I will most certainly be hooking with  this yarn again, even if I have to pay full price and I will most certainly be checking out the bottom of more bargain bins! 


My Serendipity shawl…well I couldn’t call it ‘The Pink Shawl’

could I!


I’ve Caught the Virus

The Virus Shawl bug, that is. 

top secret hooking!
top secret hooking! that can now be revealed…

The yarn is Scheepjes Invicta Colour – 972, a 4 ply fingering weight yarn that is 75% wool and 25% polyamide.  The colour way is just gorgeous and the yarn was easy to hook with.  Occasionally the length of yarn withered  thin, but remained usable nonetheless.

a perfect size shawl to snuggle with...
a perfect size shawl to snuggle with…

I adored the long colour repeats from turquoise blue into chocolate brown and sage green and couldn’t help get excited each time the colour change slipped over my hook…I don’t think I will ever get bored with the delight a colour changing yarn gives.

A perfect Christmas present for my Mom…

The eyelets that form in sequenced linear fashion amazed me.  I couldn’t quite believe that a few trebles could create such a beautiful drape and fabric.  They reminded me so much of a peacocks tail feather that I had to name this virus shawl The Chocolate Peacock!

wp_20161224_14_47_44_prowp_20161224_14_48_53_proAll in all a beautiful hook up made all the more simple by following a youtube tutorial of which there are several, I really liked this one though

This pattern is all over the internet, I used this one on Ravelry as a free download. 

As for the yarn would I use it again…


 yes, to make another virus shawl of course, but this time in beautiful sunset shades (colourway 959). 

I may possibly have developed a shawl addiction.


2016 Montage

I love this time of year; for me it’s a real time of reflection, a time to look back in wonder at the year gone by. 

And what a year it has proven to be, both personally and here at the Nest too.  This year I have created a montage of my favourite memories, both hooky and the not so hooky!

January 2016


Started with a lovely little trip to the worlds smallest library…in a phone box and finished with felt flowers.

February 2016


Was filled with my Flower Fiesta installation and saw the release of a yarny little leaf pattern…on the house of course!

March 2016

635952209085949052 (1)

Maybe one of my favourite months this year as it was full of hookiness, creativity and some much needed soul restoration . Some much needed time away from studying for a PGdip, juggling placements, family, home and a whole heap of essays!  There was the Robins Nest Square pattern release, followed by a tutorial for joining with a double crochet and a BIG thank you.

 April 2016

april-2016Well, April really did whizz by under a heavy cloud of essay pressure, but I did find time to look for some lovliness and learn a new yarny skill despite a Woolly dilemma.

May 2016


Was permeated with bluebells, al fresco dining and a woolly win.

June 2016


Left me feeling chuft!

July 2016


 was celebrated with a yarny give -a-way and a growing pile of PHD’s

August 2016


Brimmed with crochet goodness; hooking al fresco, completing the very V blanket and tutorial and not forgetting the graffiti robin.

September 2016

sept-2016Saw the calm before the storm, a quilting Ouch! and the launch of The Grandma Collection.

October 2016

oct-2016Oh my days!

October held the secret of happiness…alpaca walking!  Enough excitement for one month you might think, but there was also the release of The Grandma Mary Tea Cosy pattern.  Too much!

November 2016

nov-2016Was bleak to be honest, but there was a WOW and a fond farewell

December 2016


Ahh December and homemade damson gin, hooking virus style (post coming soon) and planning for project 2017 (launching in the New Year!!).  And there you have it…a whistle stop tour of my 2016.

I do have one more special thing to add before I sign off for 2016 and that is to you…Thank you so much for journeying with me, I love having you along.  I am always amazed by folk dropping in and reading what I write, it humbles me to my core.  I hope in return you have enjoyed and been inspired, encouraged and been blessed. 

Here’s to a very yarny 2017!


A glance back at 2015…

2015, well what a year, a roller coaster in a lot of ways, but a good year.  A year of progress and accomplishment and growth…. and of course craftiness.

  There have been walks that have embraced the changing seasons.

Beautifully chilly

enjoying the very new spring sunshine

Enjoying the very new spring sunshine

November 2015
November 2015


December 2015

December 2015

There has also been craftiness that has not been yarn related…

Valentines craft

Valentines craft

Pretty pumpkins

pretty pumpkins

Christmas doggy wreath

Christmas dog wreath.

Of course I did indulge in yarniness too, although at times making time for this proved difficult, but nevertheless, I did…

rows of popcorn stitches

Rows of popcorn stitches

Pretty granny

A pretty granny.

Hyperbolic marigold

Hyperbolic marigold.

blooming flower cushions

Blooming flower cushions.

100 patch granny

100 patch granny


tree house pimping

Sprinkle donuts

Sprinkly donuts

Winter blooms

Winter blooms.


Sunflower in progress.

Certainly, a lot less hooking than previous years, but for very good reason.  As I eluded to at the beginning of this glance back, 2015 has been a year of progress, growth  and  accomplishment.

From this...

from this… 

to this.

To this...

Walls demolished and a new kitchen installed, a new lounge and a whole lot of decorating.  And as for the little Robins…

they are growing so quickly...
they are growing so quickly…

 well, I guess they’re not that little any more.

Then there was the small matter of studying…


my study buddy...
my study buddy…

                         A new career on the horizon!



and throughout it all, through these last beautiful, hard, tiring, challenging and wonderful twelve months that has been my 2015… I have clung to my motto BRAVE... and it has seen me through, it has inspired me, encouraged me, comforted me and at times kicked my butt… it has also taught me…

to be still…

Herb bench
Herb bench

to self soothe…


and that the smallest achievement is better than the greatest intention.

a glut of granny's
a glut of granny’s

So thank you to all those that have journeyed through 2015 with me here, this little, mostly yarny space of the ether.  I value your encouragement and appreciate the time you spend dwelling here with me… more than you will ever realise. 

Here’s to your 2016…may it be blessed and beautiful and of course yarny.












Happy Birthday Jess

This last few weeks has seen Jess turn one…

at 8 weeks old
                                                                                             at 8 weeks old…so cute xx


at 1 year old... still cute x
                                                                               at 1 year old… still cute x

It has also seen my eldest two robins start year seven at High school…

they are growing so quickly...
                                                                                          they are growing so quickly…

I also passed my return to practice course in nursing… (happy dance) and have commenced training as a Health Visitor (happy dance…feeling overwhelmed…happy dance)

my study buddy...
                                                                                      my study buddy…

not sure I have time to celebrate with another yarn bomb!  There has also been a lot of disruption in the Robin’s nest


Which is still ongoing, but will be worth the extra grey hairs it is giving me.

So far this year I have truly lived by BRAVE… and now Autumn is nearly here… my most favourite time of year and to embrace this season and welcome it with open arms… I’ve spent a little time pinning my Autumn happies… I just hope I can weave in some time to create.





A yarny give-a-way…

A yarny give-a-way from a yarny robin!

 From me to you with love…

to celebrate a year of this blog.  

already a firm favourite!
already a firm favourite!

(one of my first posts)


Whilst this blog started as a catalogue of my crafty life and has never been about the number of hits or the number of followers, I have been amazed and humbled over the last 12 months by the huge amount of encouragement and support I have received in terms of folk reading and liking my posts and leaving me such lovely comments…


This last 12 months has seen lots of craftiness… here is a little snippet of some of my favourites

happy ripple in progress
happy ripple in progress

(my first tutorial – bobble edge)


these little roses are gorgeous to hook
these little roses are gorgeous to hook

(roses and posies tea cosy)





Hot Love
Hot Love

(my first pattern)


There were also the new arrivals and fabulous family memories made…


( the arrival of Jess)



(and Percy)


down by the canal
down by the canal

(out on Bella!) 


messin' about on the river
messin’ about on the river

 (a day on the river)


 I wish to show my appreciation by means of a small give-a-way… of yarn…open to all

it could be yours!
it could be yours!

Just leave a comment below if you would like me to enter your name to win x3 50g balls of this Chunky yumminess… I will draw a winner on the 13th June, so make sure to leave a comment by the 12th June…


a look over my shoulder

This is my end of 2014 review… a chance for me to look over my shoulder and reflect on the last 6 months…yes…this little sanctuary of mine is 6 months old and as we trip in to 2015, I feel both excited and content, which I think is a good place to be.

June 2014 saw not only the birth of ayarnyrobin… but the completion of my friendship blanket.

already a firm favourite!
already a firm favourite!

and the Robin’s nest!

tree house rules... "there aint no rules, there never was none, there aint never gonna be none"!!
tree house rules…
“there aint no rules, there never was none, there aint never gonna be none”!!

In July I completed charity headbands

basket of headbands
basket of headbands

a happy ripple blanket

happy ripple in progress
happy ripple in progress

a vintage tea cosy

these little roses are gorgeous to hook
these little roses are gorgeous to hook

and wrote my first tutorial

my first tutorial
my first tutorial

as well as spending some ‘down time’ on the river

messin' about on the river
messin’ about on the river

August saw me settle outside to crochet in the warmer weather and do a spot of blog hoppin’.

crochet corner
my crochet corner

I also broke into my sumptuous alpaca stash


alpaca yarn - Louisa Harding yarns - Orielle
alpaca yarn – Louisa Harding yarns – Orielle

and enjoyed the summer holidays with the boys, making some special memories

down by the canal
down by the canal

and completed a light weight summer scarf

lightweight glamour...
lightweight glamour…

and wrist warmers ready for the autumn

fingerless wristwarmers
fingerless wristwarmers

and a much needed Summer break away was enjoyed also.

Tenby harbour
Tenby harbour

September saw the struggle with my hook to complete this basket weave baby blanket

basket weave baby blanket
basket weave baby blanket

which led to a frivolous yarnpom in the park


and the arrival of Jess!


I lost my crojo completely in October…partly Jess’ fault

crocodile flower by Joyce Lewis
crocodile flower by Joyce Lewis

eventually finding it, after much help from some lovely readers, and completed a couple of beanies for the boys.

brainwave beanie with ear flaps
brainwave beanie with ear flaps

and more than a few poppy brooches,

2014-10-21 09.46.42
poppy brooch

and Summer turned to my favourite time of the year…Autumn.


walking the dogs x
walking the dogs x

In November I hooked myself a beanie

my beanie love
my beanie love

and had a great time at the circus


and was very kindly nominated for the Leibster award


Leibster Award
Leibster Award

and very proudly offered my first free pattern.

my first pattern
my first pattern

I continued to enjoy the changing landscapes walking with the dogs and rellished the tranquillity that the peace allowed in my mind.

Gloomy day
Gloomy day

and then there was the last minute Christmas hooking in December,

Cosy blanket by Attic 24
Cosy blanket by Attic 24

which did get completed in sort…and which I have yet to post about in finished splendour (I will in the New Year…I promise).

The 'his' cosy blanket by Lucy of Attic 24
The ‘his’ cosy blanket by Lucy of Attic 24

And finally a traditional Christmas spent with the people I love the most… a perfect way to celebrate my most favourite festival.

our Christmas tree
our Christmas tree

And there you have it… my 2014 review.  May I take this opportunity to thank all of my lovely readers for sharing this journey with me.  I have honestly loved sharing my journey with you and appreciate you all so much.  I guess all that is left to do this year is to wish you all  a very peaceful and healthy 2015.