Following on from my epic fail I sought solace in my ironing pile and some of my favourite crochet podcasts. 

It was whilst watching one of these podcasts that I stumbled upon the perfect remedy for my misery…a CAL (crochet-a-long)!

So, with much excitement I ordered my yarn and made a start. 

The pattern is written so well but is challenging my skills also.  The design is amazing; I love how the different elements of this shawl work with one another. 

progress so far…

I think this CAL runs until the end of May, so if you are looking for a challenge and want to join in it is not too late. 

Here are all the details you need: 

Hotel of Bees pattern

CAL hosted by Cherry Heart and Betsymakes 

Ravelry group

search  #HOBCAL



Newest stash…

Day 26 of


and we are almost at the end now. 

The theme for today is ‘newest stash’.


This is luscious Scheepjes Merino Soft that was delivered just the other day by the fabulous folk over  at Woolwarehouse.  They have always  given a prompt and excellent service and have a fabulous range of yarns. 

This lovely collection of yarn is soon to be hooked up into the even lovlier Sunday Shawl.



Day 5 of


it’s not too late join in. 


already a firm favourite!
already a firm favourite!

The global square exchange on ravelry is a fabulous group of folk to share  love of yarn with.  This is the result of international swapping….my blanket ‘around the world in 64 squares’.


Very V blanket tutorial

Thank you for your lovely comments about  my latest blanket off the hook…the ‘Very V’ blanket. 

It really is very simple to hook, so I thought I would put together a little tutorial, as I have not done one for a while and because I have some rare time off on my own.

WP_20160811_20_01_00_ProSo, clearly this is not an original pattern.  I say that from the offset because of copyright and all of that.  Lets be honest…the humble ‘v stitch’ has been around for years.  But this is my tutorial in case you want to have a crack for yourself and you have never done a ‘v stitch’ and you are a visual kinda gal or guy.

Here we go!

Final measurements:  132cms x 120cms / 52″ x47″

I used Stylecraft special dk , for it’s durability, softness and price!  The colorway I used:

Lipstick x 1 ball

Meadow x1 ball 

Saffron x 1 ball 

Violet x 1 ball 

Spice x 1 ball 

Lobelia x 1 ball 

Storm blue x 1 ball 

Cream x 3 balls

You will also need a 4mm hook and a darning needle to weave in those ends! 

Of course if you are using different yarn then you may need to use the recommended hook size for your chosen yarn; and of course you can alter the finished size by hooking more or less chains to start. 

Your hooking tension (we are all different) may also mean you need more or less chains to start with. 

Lets start, are you ready? 

Abbreviations used are below and are English terminology.

Ch = chain stitch 

Chs = chains

Tr = treble stitch (double crochet in US terminology!)

St = stitch 

Slst = slip stitch

Sp = space

Pattern order I used:

Row 1:    Cream                  Row 2: Lobelia                 Row 3: Violet 

Row 4:   Cream                  Row 5:  Storm blue        Row 6: Meadow

Row 7:   Cream                  Row 8:  Saffron                 Row 9:  Spice

Row 10: Cream                 Row 11: Lipstick                 Row 12: Indigo

Row 13: Cream                  Row 14: Violet                   Row 15: Storm blue 

Row 16: Cream                 Row 17: Meadow              Row 18: Saffron

Row 19: Cream                 Row 20: Spice                     Row 21: Lipstick

                                                  Row 22: Cream 

NB/   the first and last row form the edging for the top and bottom of the blanket so use the colour you wish to edge the blanket in, for row 1.


Chain 175 in cream

(This gave me about a 1m 15cm /42″ length of Ch.  But any odd number of Chs will work to suit the size blanket you are wishing to hook!).  

2tr in 5th ch from hook, 

WP_20160829_16_53_05_Pro miss a ch, 2tr in next ch



miss a ch, 2tr in next ch


 *miss a ch, 2tr in next ch*

Repeat *  –  * across the row. 

Finishing with 1tr in last ch.  Change colour. As shown I change colour by completing half of the process for the last tr (ie/ leave two loops on the hook). Complete last part of tr in new colour as shown.

WP_20160829_16_57_03_Pro WP_20160829_16_58_00_ProI find this makes colour changes more secure.  These ends should be tied to secure further. Top tip! leave the ends long  (approx. 10cms) so that weaving in is easier.

Turn.  Ch3 (counts as 1tr)

WP_20160829_16_59_21_Pro 2tr in the middle of set of tr’s of previous row 


Continue along the row.


finishing with 1tr in top of 3rd ch on previous row.


Change colour. Turn. 


And that’s it! 

Top Tip!! Weave in the ends every few rows.

Repeat rows 1-22 x5 times.

Then repeat rows 1 – 13 to finish body of blanket. And if you did not adhere to the top tip above…now is the time to weave in those ends!


I’ve gone all minimalistic for the edging because the blanket itself is simply stunning in this colourway and I did not feel like it needed something fussy to detract from its beauty. 


This is what I did. 

The first and last row (in cream if you have been following this colourway) form the edging for the top and bottom of this blanket. In cream / your chosen edging colour join in the space at the bottom right of your blanket as shown.

WP_20160808_21_29_50_Pro (2)

Ch 3 and slst into the top st of the first tr/ch3 of 1st row.


Ch1, 2tr in same sp

WP_20160808_21_39_16_Pro2tr in next sp (the sp is the gap between the side of the first sts of each row), 2tr in next sp.

WP_20160808_21_41_39_ProContinue along the edge until you come to the top corner. 2tr in last sp, ch 1, 1tr in same sp.


Then slst into the top st of the first tr/ch3 of last row as shown. Fasten off.  Repeat for the other side of the blanket.

Finally, in Lobelia (or your chosen colour) join in any st of edge with a slst.


Slst in each st around edge of blanket. Fasten off and weave in loose ends.  And that is it, you should now have one of these to snuggle under…or reluctantly gift.


Well done if you got this far. 

I really hope you have found this tutorial easy to follow.  I welcome feedback, so let me know how you got on and if you want to share your picture of your finished make you can in the comment section below. 

I  would love to see what you have made.







A Bobbly Baby Blanket

Simply classic
Simply classic

This is my latest finish and to be honest it has been uplifting to have a quick win with this one.  It has been a a joy to hook and because the yarn was aran weight and I could use a larger hook, it grew at a pace.

The yarn is of course my trusted Stylecraft Special Aran in cream and I did not get to choose the colour this time, as this is an order… I have really enjoyed working in one tone, and the pattern lends itself beautifully to a block of one colour.  I will most certainly be returning to this pattern, details of which can be found below.  The really fabulous part of this blanket is that the back looks just as pretty as the front …

the back
the back

perfect for any new born.

Pattern details:

Lullaby Luvie by Tiffany Krucek in ‘Crocheting’

published by Company’s Coming Publishing Limited. 2013

A meander through my mind….


This is just a quick update for a year of projects, or YOP as I have being  referring to it through out my posts.  We are actually about half way through this year long project…yes it started in Summer 2014!  

just had to stop the car the other day for this cheeky chappy!
I just had to stop the car the other day for this cheeky chappy!

I have not submitted a YOP post for a while, mainly as I had been working on these cosy blankets …and I have not much else to offer, in terms of started or completed projects  on my YOP list.  I have however, had a few sleepless nights, during which my mind has been turning over plans and patterns and I have been honing my skills over this last couple of weeks, learning new stitches and techniques, which I will take great joy in sharing with you over the coming days and weeks.

 I am preparing a new pattern for you too, which will use some free form crochet and maybe even some felting and use of texture…which, I hope in turn will feed into a crochet wall hanging, which I plan and that does feature on my YOP list.  So for now that is my YOP update…just in case you were thinking I had fallen off the face of the Earth all together.  If you are not participating in YOP, but would like to, you can still join in… check it out just here.


I’ve looked high and low…

Apologies for my distinct absence lately… I’ve found myself waking each morning yearning to create and yet by the time I’m home from work and the chores are done  and I have the opportunity to hook, that a severe melancholy rises up from within and my hook stays in it’s case…. 

I fear I may have lost my crojo!!!

I’ve looked high and low…I have tried and tried… I have put my hooks away and I have got them back out… I’ve thumbed the delightful pages of books and magazines… trawled through many of your lovely project pages on ravelry, where fleetingly my heart skipped at so many inspiring creations, only to find myself with yarn and hook in hand and still no hooking action.


My brother dropped round last week, to my horror with the blanket I had made as a wedding present last year.  It had a hole in it and he wanted me to repair it, as now the evenings are chillier, the blanket is required once more.   A hole!!!! 

As I mended, I certainly didn’t feel inspired and worried about other gifts I had made… what if?….!!!!

repair in progress
repair in progress

With the repair done and my brother gone, I reflected that actually, that wedding blanket is super heavy and probably with hindsight, should have had a more substantial joining method than the pretty but delicate flat braid join that I gave it… hence the hole.  I did take some close up pics to cheer my soul a little…

crocodile flower by Joyce Lewis
crocodile flower by Joyce Lewis
double treble burst, Crochetville
double treble burst, Crochetville
wedding present
wedding present

It is a very pretty blanket.

In other news, Little Jess has finally found a best friend in Alfie and this has really warmed my heart,  after 2 weeks of grumbling and growling our Alf decided that Jess was not so bad after all.

best friends now x
best friends now x

Importantly, the evenings are now drawing in nicely, I so love this time of year,

The evenings are really beginning to draw in now...
The evenings are really beginning to draw in now…

drawing the curtains, lighting the candles and snuggling in for the evening… what could be better… maybe just a little crochet


settling in for the evening
settling in for the evening

 So, please would you have a little look to see if you have any extra crojo that you could send to me… I’m desperate!


Saturday Morning Suprise

I've got Mail
I’ve got Mail


This is what I woke up to this morning, at no earlier than 10am…. yes 10am!  Not only was 10am such a lovely pleasure, but to be woken by Mr. R with breakfast in bed and some exciting mail has just had me smiling all day.

It was particularly welcome as my week has consisted of juggling work with a poorly little one and with Mr R working really long days also, which makes his gesture this morning quite sweet actually.  I am returning the favour as I type though, as he is having a late afternoon snooze, before we head out into the garden this evening for a glass or two beside the chimenea.

Saturday morning bliss
Saturday morning bliss

So, I had a lovely parcel from Sheery, all the way from California, with 2 lovely crochet squares for my second Global Square Exchange blanket and  my monthly crochet magazine.  After a further whole hour to myself, I thought I ought to raise my body from my bed and resume being Mom again.

time out
time out

My year of projects is getting longer already!!!!

Around the World in 64 Squares…


I joined a group on Ravelry back in August 2013 called the Global Square Exchange.  It is a fab group of ladies from all around the world who swap squares both crochet and knitted… the beauty of this group is that there is no pressure or time deadlines and you can just dip in and out as life lets you… which gives the whole group a really relaxed feeling, which is definatley what I like about it the most.


first swapped squares received

So off I went about swapping squares from all around the world.  Some from very far away…..


 From India


 some from a bit closer to home!

Thanks Teresa!



Squares from all arond the Globe, India, Australia, USA, Germany and Finland as well as the UK.

                                                                              from Finland


My only request was any colours, any design!  Which was a big thing for me as I love to plan out colours and designs and keep lists and make lists and generally be in CONTROL!!

pink squares

I cant describe the lovely excitement that rises in you when the postman drops that little parcel through your door, or how a carefully placed parcel on the kitchen table enthuses your energy after a long day at work.  It is joyful!

To see what has been created lovingly especially for you, each square stitched and parcelled up, sometimes with extra goodies such as tea/ coffee, postcards or a little letter, stitch markers, ribbon, buttons, recipies, bookmarks, patterns, pens, stickers for the boys and sometimes even yarn itself, caused me to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I think too, I should mention how oozingly happy it is to make someone a parcel also.  To send it off and then to wait to hear that it arrived and that its owner is as delighted as you are.  So all round happiness.  Everyone could use some more of that!


Slowly my squares were accumlating in number and I stored them in an allocated basket, wandering honestly if I would ever put them together, or if I would ever have enough to make a blanket.  I decided I wished to make a camping blanket as if I’m honest, I thought that the randomness of the squares, although individually beautiful, would not coordinate into a handsome blanket, so a tent may be the perfect place for such an object, where usefulness succeeds prettiness.  HOW WRONG WAS I!!!


friends around the globe x
friends around the globe x

I honestly dont think I ever imagined that random squares could make such a beautiful blanket, not only is it beautiful, it is quirky,  bespoke, and totally gorgous!…. I am definatley taking it camping, and then definatley keeping it on show and snuggling in it! 

This blanket has become very special to me…. perhaps because it has connected me with people around the world whom I shall never meet, but who have become special to me through this project.  And I have learned that planning and order have their place…. but actually to surround myself with the things that I love, whether they match or not makes my life richer x