Picture Perfect…

A picture perfect weekend…

With all this snow, I have started another hat…let’s see if I can make this one to fit Mr R’s head this time!!! 

Yes, the countdown to Christmas has begun at the nest. 



Free dog collar crochet pattern…

free dog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can crochet in under an hour
Jess… with her new crochet collar.

Isn’t she a sweetie? 

I can’t believe she will be 3 years old in August….do you remember her as a tiny pup? 

How time flies, and oh how dirty her collar had become, despite washing it!

So of course it seemed sensible to make her a little yarny cover for her collar and this is how I did it!


‘Such a cutie – dog collar’…free pattern:

Pattern uses English terminology (American equivalent in brackets).   You will also need a dog collar.

St/ s – stitch / es

ch – chain

htr – half treble (hdc – half double crochet)

I used Paintbox dk cotton yarn   

yarn a – washed teal

yarn b – lipstick pink 

yarn c – bubblegum pink  

Do not cut yarn at the end of each row.  Instead, work with 3 balls bringing the selected yarn up the side of the work.  This will prevent lots of ends needing to be sewn in!

Row 1: With yarn a, ch 9, 1htr in 2nd chain from hook,

1htr in each st across (8htr). 

free dog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can crochet in under an hour
Row 1

Row 2: Join yarn b, ch2 (does not count as a st), turn.  1htr in each st across (8htr). 

Row 3: Repeat row 2 with yarn c.

free dog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can crochet in under an hour
Juggling 3 balls will reduce the number of ends to be sewn in at the end!

Rest of rows: Repeat row 2, colour repeat – Yarn a,b,c to end. Measure against your dogs collar for length.

free dogcollar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which youcan crochet in under an hour
sew in ends…

Sew in the ends and whip stitch around dog collar as shown.

free dog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can crochet in under an hour
Sew a seam with a simple whip stitch.


To increase or decrease width of collar you could use a larger or smaller hook or increase or decrease the number of starting chains accordingly.

freedog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can crochet in under an hour
Voila…all done.

Jess likes her new collar…I hope  you do too!

Enjoy the pattern and send me photo’s of your cutie sporting a yarny collar if you make one won’t you?

free dog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can croche in under an hour
Such a cutie…







A lovely week

Well put out the crochet bunting….I’ve qualified!…a long hard slog, but it is done. 

So of course celebrations have been ongoing (both alcoholic and non alcoholic), but my favourite (and the one I am going to share with you) was a blissful week at home, pretty much to myself.  Doing this sort of thing…

wet Jess
Bathing Jess…
she looks so cute once she gets a blow dry…
drinking coffee from my special mug
drinking coffee …
working on a new tea cosy pattern
working on a new tea cosy pattern…
Enjoying suprise gifts left by a neighbour
Enjoying suprise gifts left by a neighbour…
planting out my winter window boxes
planting out my winter window boxes…


and hiding daffodill bulbs under the ground
and hiding daffodill bulbs under the ground.
Enjoying a fish and chip picnic
Enjoying a fish and chip picnic
and contemplating what to do with these bag handles??????
Enjoying the cosiness of home with friends…
Yes…a lovely week indeed…Now, the hard work really begins! xxx


Where did that week go!

Well where did that last week go to?  

With only about 8 waking hours left of the spring break, to cram in as much  fun as possible…I will leave you with some photo’s which capture my week.









Hope you a  had a good week


Happy Birthday Jess

This last few weeks has seen Jess turn one…

at 8 weeks old
                                                                                             at 8 weeks old…so cute xx


at 1 year old... still cute x
                                                                               at 1 year old… still cute x

It has also seen my eldest two robins start year seven at High school…

they are growing so quickly...
                                                                                          they are growing so quickly…

I also passed my return to practice course in nursing… (happy dance) and have commenced training as a Health Visitor (happy dance…feeling overwhelmed…happy dance)

my study buddy...
                                                                                      my study buddy…

not sure I have time to celebrate with another yarn bomb!  There has also been a lot of disruption in the Robin’s nest


Which is still ongoing, but will be worth the extra grey hairs it is giving me.

So far this year I have truly lived by BRAVE… and now Autumn is nearly here… my most favourite time of year and to embrace this season and welcome it with open arms… I’ve spent a little time pinning my Autumn happies… I just hope I can weave in some time to create.





Beautifully Chilly

iced by Jack Frost
iced by Jack Frost

My usual walk with the dogs lately has just been so beautiful….chilly at an average of -3, but beautiful.  The bright, freezing mornings that fill my lungs with crisp air have also cast long shadows, which make me smile, as I make the short journey over to the fields with Alf and Jess.

long funny shadows caused by the glaring low sun
long funny shadows caused by the glaring low sun

The field down in the hollow, with all it’s grass and mud  iced like the top of a frosted chocolate cake




As I climb out of the hollow and up the hill the sun shines in a blue, blue sky, but it can not chase away the bitter cold






Alf stops and pauses for a photo

Big Old Alf
Big Old Alf

Not one to be out done, Jess poses too

hasn't she grown...at 6months now!
hasn’t she grown…at 6months now!

Tiny footprints temporarily fossilised by the ice

footprints highlighted with frost
footprints highlighted with frost

every bare and exposed surface has been visited by Jack Frost, over night.


such beauty



so blessed




Cosy Afternoon


Today I have had a lovely cosy afternoon hooking happily, listening to the radio, I will show you some pictures of that gorgeousness in a minute.


down by the brook
down by the brook

 This however, is where I walked this morning with the dogs, unbelievable that  this little path which runs alongside the brook, is just 2 minutes away from my home.

going up the hill
going up the hill

This morning was so sunny, but very cold, in fact my little thermometer read -0.5 degrees centigrade, so I didn’t stop for long but instead walked briskly up the hill!

at the top!
at the top!

Once at the top I was rewarded with this… I see this most days as this is where I walk the dogs, however, today I appreciated it more than ever…maybe the bitter cold coupled with the glorious sunshine had something to do with it.

Jess at 16 weeks
Jess at 16 weeks

Little Jess enjoyed it too, Alf didn’t hang around for his photo!  Anyway, here are the pictures of ‘that gorgeousness’ I promised you…this is what I have been hooking this afternoon

Cosy blanket by Attic 24
Cosy blanket by Attic 24

Yes this is the glorious, heavenly to hook Cosy blanket which is currently part of a crochet along that is being hosted by the enormously talented Lucy of Attic 24.  This one is the ‘her’ part of the ‘his and hers’ set I am making for my Mom and Dad for Christmas….the colour way is beautiful and is from the Attic 24 shop at Wool Warehouse and comes as a pack called ‘cottage’… my Dad’s colours I selected individually and look like this

for my Dad
for my Dad

My Dad’s blanket will be the same pattern as my Mom’s to complete the set.   Do you want to have a look at that pattern again… close up

colour therapy
colour therapy

So simple, but so beautiful. 

Leibster Award

Leibster Award
Leibster Award

You might remember me mentioning the nomination that I received for the Leibster Award, from the lovely Lauren that writes her equally lovely blog, called the handmadehandmaiden.

Well, here is my post in response to that nomination.  In a nutshell, I answer some questions, set some new questions and pass the Leibster on by nominating others, there are some more detailed rules which I outlined before, which you can take a peek at just here

Here are my answers:

Have you ever lived in another country?

No, but sometimes I think it might be nice to!

Do you have any pets?

Heidi, Holly and Bo... Sunny was busy laying an egg!!
Heidi, Holly and Bo… Sunny was busy laying an egg!!

What is your favourite icecream flavour?

that would have to be Peach Melba…or possibly bubblegum…or rocky road..or… lets be honest it depends on what ever takes my fancy.

What do you desire most to do in your life?

That’s easy…to influence and inspire people positively.

Countryside or City?

I need both.

If you could travel where would you go and for how long?

Bikini Island, Fiji for at least a month, then Australia for at least 6 months!

What is your hobby?

like that needs an answer, but just in case…

yarn, yarn, yarn, hook,hook,hook!
yarn, yarn, yarn, hook,hook,hook!
out on Bella x
out on Bella x

Least favourite thing to do?

Clean the oven!

What tv/ current book are you watching / reading?

my current  read!
my current read!


If you could time travel – who would you see – where would you go?

Another easy one… I would revisit the younger me and say…

worry less, it will all be just fine,

you are beautiful just the way you are

and maybe consider avoiding eating chicken in the Lake District!!!


Here are my nominations for the Leibster Award,

Leibster Award
Leibster Award




I  highly recommend you take a peek at these blogs.

Here are your set of questions guys:

1. If you could have a shop what would you sell?

2. What is the meaning of your name?

3.What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

4. Margarita or Pina colada?

5. If you had a super power what would it be?

6. What is your favourite book?

7. win the lottery or work your perfect job?

8. Do you have a favourite quote?

9. what sound do you love?

10. tell us what your happy song is?

Hope you have as much fun as I have had with your

Leibster Award.





I’ve looked high and low…

Apologies for my distinct absence lately… I’ve found myself waking each morning yearning to create and yet by the time I’m home from work and the chores are done  and I have the opportunity to hook, that a severe melancholy rises up from within and my hook stays in it’s case…. 

I fear I may have lost my crojo!!!

I’ve looked high and low…I have tried and tried… I have put my hooks away and I have got them back out… I’ve thumbed the delightful pages of books and magazines… trawled through many of your lovely project pages on ravelry, where fleetingly my heart skipped at so many inspiring creations, only to find myself with yarn and hook in hand and still no hooking action.


My brother dropped round last week, to my horror with the blanket I had made as a wedding present last year.  It had a hole in it and he wanted me to repair it, as now the evenings are chillier, the blanket is required once more.   A hole!!!! 

As I mended, I certainly didn’t feel inspired and worried about other gifts I had made… what if?….!!!!

repair in progress
repair in progress

With the repair done and my brother gone, I reflected that actually, that wedding blanket is super heavy and probably with hindsight, should have had a more substantial joining method than the pretty but delicate flat braid join that I gave it… hence the hole.  I did take some close up pics to cheer my soul a little…

crocodile flower by Joyce Lewis
crocodile flower by Joyce Lewis
double treble burst, Crochetville
double treble burst, Crochetville
wedding present
wedding present

It is a very pretty blanket.

In other news, Little Jess has finally found a best friend in Alfie and this has really warmed my heart,  after 2 weeks of grumbling and growling our Alf decided that Jess was not so bad after all.

best friends now x
best friends now x

Importantly, the evenings are now drawing in nicely, I so love this time of year,

The evenings are really beginning to draw in now...
The evenings are really beginning to draw in now…

drawing the curtains, lighting the candles and snuggling in for the evening… what could be better… maybe just a little crochet


settling in for the evening
settling in for the evening

 So, please would you have a little look to see if you have any extra crojo that you could send to me… I’m desperate!



it's hard to get a good photo of her as when she is awake she doesn't stand still for a moment!
it’s hard to get a good photo of her as when she is awake she doesn’t stand still for a moment!

It’s been 48 hrs since little Jess arrived and so far so good… the first night she yelped for 10 mins before settling to a full nights sleep and last night she took herself into her crate and drifted off for the night without so much as a squeak.  I think having Alfie our lab around has much to do with the suprising amount of sleep we have managed since this little ball of fur arrived. 

bath time
bath time

She did require a bath however as she wasn’t that fragrant and the smell of her litter mates and no doubt her Mom, was sending Alfie a little grumpy…

she was all of a quiver
she was all of a quiver

Jess, protested throughout her bathe, but seemed to enjoy the hair dryer and she smells much more pleasant both to us and Alfie, I think!

2014-09-29 09.53.22
Alfie, interested in Jess, but not too sure yet!

House breaking is also going well, only x2 accidents so far, so I am very proud of how well she is doing.  Her favourite thing is exploring the growing garden.  That is where we have just come in from now and she is zonked!

sooo cute!
sooo cute!

2014-09-30 12.18.41

The cedum in glorious autumn splendour from Jess' point of view!
The cedum in glorious autumn splendour from Jess’ point of view!

Other progress made is that Jess is happy to wear her collar complete with name tag, which I am pleased about as you can always hear where she is, as it jangles gently when she runs, which is also very sweet as she runs and springs about like a baby lamb with a slight tendency to lean to her left as she goes.

2014-09-30 13.06.30

All in all she is lovely  xx