Milestones and Alpaca Cake…

I have had such a fabulous week.   

Not only have we celebrated Easter and had  a whole week away from work; I have had a birthday and a graduation! 

What’s more I had a beautiful alpaca birthday cake!!! 

I’m feeling so blessed.


On the go…

Day 19 of


and it’s still not too late join in. 

The theme for today is ‘on the go!’.

instagramcapture_76a1898f-2db3-446f-bff1-54a043a4be3aWorking full time, running a home and being a Mom means I’m always on the go! 

I always have a crafty project in the car though, for those moments when I need to grab a bit of sanity, or lunch, or when the boys keep me waiting around!


Where I craft…

Day 8 of


it’s not too late join in. 

The theme for today is ‘where I craft’ 

The honest answer is wherever I can.

At the skate park...
At the skate park…

I love this photo and I love that my crochet is so portable.  It is always a conversation starter too.  With 3 active boys I crochet in some strange places, this picture was taken at the skate park.



With life now returning to a more normal ebb and flow following the festive jollity, I feel like I am back on the treadmill!

So I am being very careful to make sure life at home is given the highest priority.  Which of course means in part getting out and walking with the boys and Mr R and of course the dogs.

Special Happy Birthday to Old Alf who was 11 at the beginning of the month xx
Special Happy Birthday to Old Alf who was 11 at the beginning of the month xx
Wellies are my favourite type of footwear!
Wellies are my favourite type of footwear!

Now the photo’s I am going to share with you may seem some what gloomy, particularly if you happen to live in a warmer part of the world.  But, I have taken great comfort from pulling on my wellies and feeling the sometimes quite squelchy ground, and at other times the cold and frozen ground under my soles.

Jack Frost has painted this leaf...
Jack Frost has painted this leaf…
A little spiders home sweet home.


There was much fuss made in the media about the UK being hit by a polar storm, we were quite excited at the prospect of maybe being snowed in for a while…

The polar storm
The polar storm was a little underwhelming…

You will be relieved to know that I survived the polar storm of 2017 and even managed to get into work!!!!!


I think I have enjoyed the walks just before dusk the most, when the mist clings to everything and envelops all…


because lurking just underneath the ground is the promise of spring.  I can feel it when I’m out in the countryside.  The biting cold is soon to be replaced with a milder air, a warmer breeze and a brighter light. 

But, until then I am happy to stomp around in my wellies, looking at the footprints of what has stomped before me,

wp_20170108_14_40_01_proand exploring trails I have not been down before.

wp_20170108_14_56_16_proGetting cold and breathing in that damp air, because it means coming home is all the more cosy…

crochet by the fireside.
crochet by the fireside.
crochet in bed.
crochet in bed.

Don’t you think?


Introducing the Grandma Mabel Tea Cosy…


I am thrilled to be finally introducing the ‘Grandma Mabel’ tea cosy to you.  The second cosy in the Grandma Collection


Dedicated to my Granny Mabel, whom I knew as Granny Jason.  Granny Jason was named so by myself when I was still in terry towel nappies.  Named after her dog Jason, it was my way of distinguishing between my two Grannies. 

Granny Jason was born  in August 1914 in Southern Ireland and in her younger days enjoyed driving tractors.  Moving to England in 1960 when my Mom was a little girl, she worked in factories and finally as an Auxillary Nurse before she became too unwell to work.   I was privileged to have had her in my life for just 10 years before she left this world at the age of 73. 

I have precious memories of my Granny Jason, who although unwell always found a way of making me feel loved.  She was a humble and unassuming woman, who was always busy in the kitchen and always had her hair done and was house proud.  She would always give you the best of what she had and keep the worn out and old things for herself. 

She loved shoes and made daisy chains and made the dog (Jason) a cup of tea with a sugar in, poured into his bowl, each time she made my Grandad a cup of tea…which was often!


Granny Jason was often unwell, seriously now I realise as I am older, but she tried hard not to let it show.  I remember as a small child counting her tablets into a big medicine jar. There were all sorts of pills; round ones, oblong ones and all sorts of colours…

I loved this job…

maybe it was the beginning of my fascination with public health and my nursing career.

But I think family was the most important thing to her,  because she cared so much about her family and cared so well. 



This cosy has been inspired by my memories of her.  The buttons representing those many colourful pills that I used to count, not understanding the gravity of how poorly she really was.  The pretty colours of the cosy reflecting her beauty and the lace representing the finest dress a tea cosy could have.



  I know Granny Jason would have been proud to put this cosy on her teapot, to put that teapot on her hostess trolley and wheel it from the kitchen to serve her guests. 



So that is the Grandma Mabel tea cosy in all of its glory, I will post the pattern in the week.




Humph!!…did you hear that…or is it just my tinnitus again?  I think it was the sound of me falling onto the sofa from a parallel universe; where the last few weeks have spun by in a blur and may have possibly been the fastest few weeks in history. 

A fleeting glimpse of the super moon...
A fleeting glimpse of the super moon…

I was hoping to have posted this weekend about the second tea cosy in the Grandma Collection, but that may well be next week end now…so sorry.  It would have happened, but I think that in exiting the parallel universe I left my little pencil case of hooks as  I can’t  seem to find them…most distressing. 

There has been quite a bit of Christmas hooking going on, but that will have to remain under wraps for now, enough to say I am in love with the pattern and can’t wait to share it with you all. 

So, whilst I acclimatise back into the earthly realm, I will leave you with a little snap shot of the last few weeks…

An Autumnul walk
Autumn is slipping into winter
but glorious colour can still be found
and if you know where to look you can still find cosmos
and if you know where to look you can still find cosmos…
The boys are still being boys...
The boys are still being boys…
getting balls stuck up trees...
getting balls stuck up trees…
I do love them so...
I do love them so…


taboggoning at the snowdome was pretty awesome also...
taboggoning at the snowdome was pretty awesome also…
A sneek peek of some of the lovlinesss in store for the second tea cosy in the Grandma Collection….

Oh ok then, just a  very quick look at some of the Christmas hooking…

just don't tell anyone...promise.
just don’t tell anyone…promise.


Alpaca Walking…yes honestly!!!

I have been so looking forward to writing this post; you see I have been on the most amazing adventure.  However, this post should really come with a warning, so here it is…

This post will make you fall in love; quite a bold claim I realise, so it might be advisable to get yourself a cuppa (or a glass of something bubbly!) depending on what hour of the day it is that you are reading this…and if you are sitting reading this and you are in England then oh my, I take no responsibility!

So warning done, now for the adventure. 

A road trip

It started a month or so a go when the lovely Mr. R booked an anniversary trip of a different kind (don’t worry, this is ‘U’ rated honestly!).  So on Saturday, after counting down the days, we got up early with the boys and headed on a short road trip.  Destination…


To say I was excited was an understatement, it took every ounce of control I had not to burst through the gates looking insane.  You will be pleased to know that I think I managed to appear fairly normal!

We were greeted and welcomed into the most amazing farm house by Trish, Zoe and Helen

wp_20161015_14_41_13_proWe were made to feel so welcome and were provided with as much coffee, tea and squash as we desired.  The girls allowed us to relax and take in the view as they chatted and answered all of our questions that we could think of about alpacas; whilst Pip and Tavish the farm dogs snuggled up to us for a bit of fuss.


After a laid back cup of coffee or two we pulled on our boots and headed outside to be greeted by these lot

wp_20161015_11_37_57_proRight to left

Teddy, Zeus, Tex, Arnie and Brownlee…

all adorable and all ours for the next two and half hours, well not quite, I think Trish had sussed that I was verging on gaagaa over them!!

Arnie chose me to be his walking buddy, he led the pack and was well behaved; gentle and funny.  His top lip got all jittery when he stopped to have a scratch.

wp_20161015_11_49_24_proInquisitive and cautious he constantly surveyed the path ahead, peering his neck around corners to check it was safe to continue; his ears a constant twitch.

We wandered and explored and all the time Trish and the girls guided and chatted and generally put us at ease.  The countryside was just glorious…(Mr R. had ordered the sunshine) and walking with these beautiful creatures filled me with an incredible peace.

wp_20161015_12_33_36_pro-1We paused for a long while next to a babbling stream, drank more juice and paddled, whilst these guys watched us.  We had time to take photo’s too

wp_20161015_12_33_50_proand Yarny and Arnie bonded a little more…


(Did you know that alpacas have the most delicious smell; a bit like popcorn). 

Eventually we wound our way back through orchards and fields back to the homestead, where I tried to put Arnie in the car without Trish noticing.  Alas, this did not work and I had to settle for one more photoshoot in the glorious sunshine.

img-20161017-wa0003Before we were treated to more luxurious hospitality, in the form of mince pies and hot cross buns…we had a little chuckle at the clash of Easter and Christmas nibbles, I don’t think I have ever come across that combination before.


wp_20161015_13_51_54_proAt the end of this unique experience,

 I felt like I had partaken in a little peice of heaven and I can’t wait til I can return to  Temevale alpacas   to get up close and personal again with these adorable creatures. 


The Grandma Mary Tea Cosy

captureIntroducing the ‘Grandma Mary’ tea cosy…the first in the Grandma Collection

wp_20161002_11_45_37_proDedicated to my Grandma Mary who was a truly inspirational woman.  Born in October 1916 and christened Vera Mary, she grew up in England in the West Midlands and trained as a primary school teacher.  I was privileged to have had her in my life for 34 years before she left this world at the grand old age of 94.  Granny Mary played a huge part in nurturing my creativity as a little girl, teaching me how to make pompoms and to French knit  using a wooden cotton reel and some nails that my Grandad would have made.  She was a gentle and patient woman, who always had a smile and a piece of chocolate.  I once asked her what the best invention of her life time had been and without hesitation she quipped…’washing up liquid!’ 


Granny Mary worked hard, but always took time to make things pretty… whether that was pansies in the garden, geraniums in the porch, sugar on a peeled apple, a pretty apron whilst doing the housework or a tea cosy for the teapot.   

Prettiness was important because it was the way she cared for people  and her care was a true blessing. 


So this cosy had to be pretty, in colours that evoke memories of her and of course had to be covered in flowers.


  The beads at the bottom of the cosy actually belonged to her.  I  have a bag of broken plastic beads that she gave me – she never threw anything away! 


I am honoured to put them to good use…I think she would be really very pleased with their new use.



So that is the Grandma Mary tea cosy in all of its glory, here is the pattern linky thing.