Day 27 of


and we are almost at the end now. 

The theme for today is ‘blocking’.  

pinning to block...
pinning to block…

Not my favourite part of the process, but certainly worthwhile.  These are my robin nest squares in the blocking phase.




I thought it about time I returned, I know its been a while and it has been far longer than I had planned.  So I return with a familiar confession. 

I have come to realise that I am actually not as clever as I like to think and so this post is about my PHD….Projects Half Done!  I much prefer this to the acronym WIP (works in progress) as PHD sounds so much more positive and well….lets be frank; what I am about to show you is not in progress.  Not even by any stretch of the imagination!  Abandoned may be a better description.


 So, first out of the box is the baby blanket awaiting  the hooking of one final square and then construction.  So close to a finish, but I need some more cotton.

InstagramCapture_b1e1474d-aadc-4596-9ef3-9d5bcd71e7d0Then there is this linen stitch blanket…I abandoned hooking because I felt my design may be a bit to fussy…I’m undecided.  Do I continue or rip it back and reclaim the wool?….I’ve done that before.

WP_20160403_19_24_13_ProThen there is my knitting loom project, a sumptuous alpaca cowl…I really must restart this…if I can remember how to that is!

WP_20160522_00_14_07_ProThe rainbow V stitch blanket is still on the go, not abandoned at all but most definitely a PHD!

And it is with this in mind I need you all to do me a small favour…if you don’t mind that is.  If you ever read my words that might even hint I am going to study again then I would like you to hit me over the head with something very heavy!!!


Crowning glory

It seems that I am busier than ever before which makes any  spare time very precious.  So as the sun has chosen to shine for  a brief couple of days (Seriously…this could be the sum total of the British summer time!!!) I have chosen to spend my time outdoors and make the most of it.

Dining al fresco in the garden

The warmth of the sunshine has caused an explosion of foliage and weeds!  So I cleared a patch of rogue nettles in the growing garden and rediscovered a little hosta…

Can you see it at the back…it is tiny!

Mr. R dug up the blackberry and raspberry bushes which quite frankly were looking very ugly.  I have pondered their removal for some time, but sometimes you just have to cut your losses.  Their fruit bearing has been lousy and that’s a polite way of putting it!

So we have a blank canvas of a flower bed which is going to include Jasmine

Talking of losses, we lost our last chicken this week…sad news! We have decided not to replace them, so the chicken run has been dismantled and we are deciding what to do with this space. 

I also made a return to bluebell wood, and was met with this utter spectacle…



And I just had to stop the car to photograph the present crowning glory of the British countryside…

Fields of just WOW!!
Fields of just WOW!!

All this colour led me to the garden centre

InstagramCapture_babf8757-c198-41f9-afa1-45e115b2ce33in pursuit of summer annuals for my kitchen window box


a sweet pea tipee

InstagramCapture_a67f65c3-81dd-499c-846b-a80462cd4a1fand a little bit of something yummy…

lettuce and spring onions


so not much crochet time, but I did get half an hour in this morning

InstagramCapture_b1e1474d-aadc-4596-9ef3-9d5bcd71e7d0Have a great week.



Bluebells, bulldog and crochet…

Well lets start with the bluebells shall we!  It is fair to say that the weather around these parts has been bizarre.  We have literally had four seasons in a few hours.  Rain, followed by blue spring skies and then a few moments later hail or snow and thunder.  This is what fell from the sky during little ones football training


It was absolutely freezing needless to say, and totally out of the blue, as the start of the training session had been sunny.  Any way, I promised you bluebells, which the crazy weather does not seem to have hindered.  Here they are…

InstagramCapture_2813bf9b-9c55-43cb-a62c-557cf88342d5 These little delicate flowers make my heart very happy and I just love climbing to the top of the hill, where the tall trees stand grandly, graciously carpeted beneath with this blue hue of lovliness. 

starting the climb to bluebell wood
starting the climb to bluebell wood
the grand trees
the grand trees leading to bluebell wood
emerging out of bluebell wood
emerging out of bluebell wood

Once through the wood and out the other side, the boys played and climbed and we took the long path back to the van.  Stopping only to watch a kestrel hunt and to watch miss Jess and a rather handsome springer run rings around each other….oh and to play a game of bulldog.  Of which I do not have any photos as in the first instance I was too mesmerised, in the second instance miss Jess was way to fast for me to photograph and lastly an out of breath me isn’t for photographing! 

So to the crochet…


mostly hooked at the skate park, whilst the not so little Robin practised ‘jumping the box’ and ‘airs’ on his bmx.


Linen cherry baby bar blanket

I have had such a lovely slow Saturday; a stark contrast from recent weekends which have been so hectic with essays and research.


I’ve played with colour ways finally deciding upon this colour way I’ve called ‘cherry stripe’.  The yarn being Drops Paris 100% cotton in:


rusty red

light old pink

dark beige

off white and

moss green


Then I hit you tube to learn a new stitch and opted for ‘linen stitch’.  It is actually a very simple double crochet (single crochet), chain stitch combo.  I like it because it hooks quickly, is economical with yardage, gives a lovely solid reversible fabric and is just perfect for my new baby blanket design…’Linen cherry baby bar blanket’.


So, that’s a sneeky peek, I’m off to hook some more.



waiting…walking and a wooly dilemma…

As I have been waiting extremely patiently for the postman to bring me a yarn shaped parcel; walking has featured as a daily pass time since the weather has been so cheery.


We have stomped over fields in the sunshine,


rambled down pathways


and climbed over gates.


We have wandered through woodlands and I have admired the dappled sunshine dancing on the ground.  In the evenings I have been hooking this…


a light weight artfully simple angled scarf (designed by the very talented Tamara over at Moogly) in a 4 ply Sirdar country style yarn.  The colour is 0392….meh!  I do so dislike it when a colour just has a number and not a name.  It is a beautiful old pastel pink, which now I have started, I cant put down.


Still waiting…we have visited orchards


and  walled gardens

WP_20160330_12_39_49_Proand stumbled across these little guys (very cute indeed).


Finally, a yarn shaped parcel arrived and a dilemma.


Well, I just couldn’t resist this gorgeous wool alpaca blend in (0519) or charcoal grey.


Nor this beautiful compilation of cotton.  So, now I have the Robins nest squares to finish, my artfully simple angled scarf and new yarn screaming “hook me, hook me!”  What a fabulously fantastic woolly dilemma to be in. xxxxx

Easter yarn shortage…

Following some much needed soul restoration on Friday, the theme has lingered here at the nest over the Easter weekend; and I can deleriously report is continuing today too.  However, hooking  came to a very abrupt halt yesterday!


After a chaotic but funny Easter egg hunt, in which I muddled the clues up somehow;  and hearty singing of praises in church. Followed a mixed weather walk just down by the brook,

WP_20160325_16_45_13_Proup over the big field and back home through the daffodils…my favourite flowers in the whole world.     


I love carefully picking my way back home through this flowery path…


Back home for some quiet hooking


which was fine until…


I realised I had  only this much red cotton left and four robins nest motifs left to square…I told you the hooking came to an abrupt halt!  Which was only soothed by this wonderful Easter tray that I received from my lovely brother and Sister in Law (Thank you Kate xx)


Which proved just perfect to hold my coffee whilst I ordered more yarn


weekend update and a BIG thank you…

So how was your weekend?

I spent mine amongst the study books, so didn’t get much hooking time.  I did have way too many children in the house, making a lot of noise (not great for studying!)



I also had family over for Sunday lunch, which was so great to just kick back and relax.  Although I didn’t get to hang out with my yarn stash much, I did manage some sneaky hooking during a long game of monopoly.



and I just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has sent me comments about the new look around here…you are always so positive and it means the world to me