Favourite thing I’ve made…

Day 28 of


and this is the final day!! 

The theme for today is ‘favourite thing I’ve made’.  

Now really…do I have to choose? 

Ok…well just for today this is my favourite hook up,

100 patch granny

because I adore the colours and that bobble edge border is just sooo super cute, and possibly the most addictive thing ever to hook.  Seriously, it should come with a warning!




Day 25 of


and it’s still not too late join in. 

The theme for today is ‘routine’.

 100 patch granny
100 patch granny

It has to be having a mug of coffee whilst doing a little hooking…bliss!


The smallest achievement is better than the greatest intention…

Here it is all complete… and I

love, love, love it.  



Made from scraps, excluding the edging, this little blanket has provided me with the hooky colour therapy that I so needed.  I had made many of these charming squares at the end of other projects, not really being sure of their final purpose.

mini squares made from scraps
mini squares made from scraps

Perhaps a cushion or a giant blanket I thought, big enough for all the robins to snuggle under…yes! that is what I decided upon, a large endeavour of love made from these little, beautiful components and so I started. And so it has remained, unloved at times or loved from afar, but most certainly unfinished and alas my latest commitments made the hooky pleasure of this project impossible.

I love a simple granny!
I love a simple granny!

No, a king sized blanket out of tiny granny squares became a lingering burden…and so with some considerable heaviness, the white yarn was carefully frogged.  I felt a sense of failure as I unravelled those stitches and was once again left with a glut of granny’s

a glut of granny's
a glut of granny’s

So, I counted my granny’s out….97….and thought on a smaller scale…hooked 3 more little ones and decided on this 100 granny patch baby blanket.

                                                                                               little beauties…

and as I hooked them back together, in a different way and with a different yarn and with a different purpose, the feeling of failure ebbed away and a new joy arose.



and I discovered that the smallest achievement is always better than the greatest intention… and this little blanket still conveys a large endeavour of love.







Chilli pepper Baby blanket


2014-09-06 17.09.49
Chilli pepper baby blanket

It’s done and it’s gorgeously cushy and it is a baby blanket that any Great Grand Mother would be proud of,  BUT……. 

I’m not in love with it, and because of this I am hugely disappointed.

It is a fabulous colour…Chilli red and not the traditional blue for a boy. and I love that. I also love that it has made up so densely and is beautifully warm and snuggly for the winter… I have also mastered blanket stitch!

about the yarn…

That’s where the positive ends for me tho…. although the yarn is soft in the finished blanket, it was not that pleasurable to work with…it didn’t slide on and off the hook and was a bit splitty and annoying.

chilli pepper baby blanket in s.l.o.w progress

  It has also taken me soooo much longer than I had planned and I can’t work out whether this is one of the reasons for my poor relationship with this blanket, or… because I wasn’t having much hooking joy, that it has taken me longer than anticipated to hook!!

2014-09-06 17.15.37

This blanket became a real block for my other hooky plans too… another reason for my lack of love for it.

So, to get my crojo back, I thought about the last hooky thing that really rocked me…that pompom border on my happy ripple…..

happy ripple 1

and I got creative by making a brand new pompom board on pinterest… go on I dare you to have a peek!

Oh...the potential!
Oh…the potential!

and once I had done that… I felt much better…and found myself thinking maybe a basket stitch blanket in a thinner yarn would be nice…

Alpaca All the Way

yearofblogsshortbanner[1]Week 5 

So if you are a regular here you will know that I didn’t have much to show you in terms of photo’s of progress last week, but had things in the pipeline as it were.  Well, this week has seen the completion of the Happy Ripple which I was really pleased with… and actually had a hard time parting with it, but part with it I did on Thursday, when I gifted it to my friend who had been made redundant.  My friend immediately burst in to tears and said that she would cherish it forever and would cuddle under it even when she was 80 years old, to which I replied that she would be the envy of the nursing home!

happy ripple 3


I also completed my first ever tutorial, the bobble edge tutorial which is a step by step photo heavy, how to.  I do not know who to attribute the technique to, I wish I was that clever to have come up with the design myself, I had so much fun hooking it though, that I just had to show you guys how to hook it to!  If you have a go, let me know what you think of the tutorial, as I say it’s my first… On my original list I wanted to make a tutorial for broomstick crochet and now I have completed 1 tutorial, I am feeling more confident about the process… so watch out for that in the near future!

alpaca yarn - Louisa Harding yarns - Orielle
alpaca yarn – Louisa Harding yarns – Orielle

I took the alpaca yarn down from my bed post and started my summer scarf… a rare project that I’m making just for me and one that I think will occupy me for the rest of August.   The yarn is divine and has little flecks of gold metallic running through it, which gives it a very subtle shimmer


glorious alpaca yarn
glorious alpaca yarn

Here is my progress so far

infinity cowl
infinity cowl

 This gorgeous  8 row repeat geometric pattern is working up with an almost Argyle look.  The pattern is by the Queen of lace… Anniken Allis.

So, that’s my progress… slow but steady.


It’s all in the ripple…

Rippley, colourful, squishy, gorgeous, playful, bright, fun…

all of the above could be used to describe my Happy Ripple.

happy ripple
neat ripple by Lucy – Attic 24

I am so thrilled with it!  I don’t want to gift it.

wish I could keep it!

happy ripple in progress
happy ripple in progress

it was so much fun to hook

happy ripple 1
bobble edging makes this blanket fun

and the bobble edging just gives it that extra special something!

happy ripple
such a rhythmic pattern to hook

all of the pattern details can be found here and here is the link for the bobble tutorial.