Crochet Patterns

 Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my patterns. All of my patterns are free and links to the patterns can be found towards the bottom of the page along with my pattern protocol!

A yarny little leaf 

Robins nest square

Marigold flower

Hot love water bottle cover

The Grandma Mary Tea Cosy

A yarny little heart

The Grandma Mabel Tea Cosy

Chain reaction necklace scarf

Such a cutie o- dog collar 

Corfu- Barefoot sandals 

The Grandma Dot Tea Cosy

Dotty Little Flowers

The Grandma Florence Tea Cosy


All my patterns are FREE of charge; a gift to you, but there is a little pattern protocol that I would ask you to respectfully follow… here goes…

  • hook these patterns to sell, gift or indulge yourself.

  • all patterns are written using UK terminology, you can find a handy conversion guide below, if needed.

  • always link back to the pattern page and/or this blog stating that I am the designer, please do not credit the design as your own!

  • feel free to send me photo’s of your makes… this always makes me happy!

  • If there is something you don’t understand…or if you think something could be made clearer, just ask…I welcome constructive feedback!



crochet chart from Mollie Makes
crochet chart from Mollie Makes

I love it when people leave me comments and I read all of them and will respond as quickly as I can if necessary

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