Grandma Florence Tea Cosy…Free Pattern and Tutorial.

captureThis is the fourth tea cosy in the Grandma collection, and is sure to charm.  The crochet mesh design means this pattern makes for a very quick hook up.  Ideal for beginners using just a half treble crochet stitch, this cosy is abidingly delightful and will trim any tea pot with joy.

Dedicated to the inspiration that is ‘Nanna Florence’ otherwise known as my Mom! 

Crchet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial


The pattern makes a tea cosy that fits a standard 6 cup teapot.

I used less than 50g of Stylecraft special dk yarn in cream.    Please note that I have used a different colour yarn in the beginning of the photo tutorial below. 

You will also need a darning needle, a selection of 5mm wide ribbon, a 50cm length of fluff, a button, a pair of scissors and x4 stitch markers (or small safety pins or scraps of different colour yarn).  The use of a hot glue gun is optional, ribbons can either be glued into position or stitched.

ribbons, ayarnyrobin free pattern


Stitches used in this pattern refer to English terminology, however a conversion to US terminology is provided in brackets.

Ch – chain stitch 

slst – slip stitch 

dc –  double crochet (single crochet)

htr– half treble crochet  (half double crochet)

You will also need:

a 4mm crochet hook


Ok, here we go…

Using the cream yarn  Ch 4


Join with a slst to form a ring.

Row 1: Ch1 (does not count as a st), 6hdc into ring,

finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (6hdc).


Row 2: Ch1, (does not count as a st) 2hdc in same space, 2hdc in each st around, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (12hdc).


Row 3: Ch1 (does not count as a st), 2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next st, *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next st* . Repeat * – * to end,  finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (18hdc).


Rows 4: Ch 1 (does not count as a st), 2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next 2 sts, *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next 2 sts*. Repeat *-* to end, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (24hdc).


Row 5: Ch1 (does not count as st), 2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next 3 sts, *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next 3 sts*. Repeat *-* to end, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (30hdc).

Row 6: Ch 1 (does not count as a st),   2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next 4 sts, *2hdcin next st, 1hdc in next 4 sts*.  Repeat *-* to end, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (36hdc).


Row 7: ch1 ( does not count as a st), 1hdc in same space and in each st around, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (36hdc).  


Row 8: ch1 (does not count as a st), 2hdc in same space andin each st around, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (72hdc).


Row 9 and 10: Repeat row 7, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (72hdc).  

You should have something that is starting to look a bit like a flying saucer!  This is a good point to check your measurements with your intended teapot.  Place your hooked disc on top of your teapot. You want the edges of the circle to be approx. 1cm from the handle of the teapot.

To mark out handle and spout holes, simply take x4 st markers (or cut short pieces of yarn in a different  colour as I did) and place/ tie first marker in the st behind where you joined last row.

Counting backwards (or to the right)miss x3 sts and place/tie second marker in next st.  This marks out your handle. 


From this second marker count backwards (or to the right) 30sts and place 3rd marker in the next st (31st st).  Return to the first marker and count forwards 30 sts (or to the left) and place 4th marker in the next st.


 You have now marked out the handle and spout positions for your cosy.  Marker #1 and #2 indicate the handle space and markers #3 and #4 indicate the spout space.

The next stage of the cosy is to construct the sides.  So, for the purposes of the pattern these will be referred to as side A  (between marker #1 and #4) and side B between marker #2 and #3). 

crochet tea cosy by a ayarnyrobin

Side A row 1: In Cream yarn Ch 4 (counts as 1htr and 2ch), miss 2sts *htr in next  st, ch2, miss 2sts*

repeat * -* until you reach marker/ tie #4. 

NB/ last htr is completed in st marked by marker / tie #4

(x11htr, x10 ch2spaces)

Grandma Florence tea cosy, photo tutorial free pattern

Side A row 2: ch4 (counts as htr and 2 ch) turn work. 

Miss 2 sts, *htr in next st, ch2, miss 2 sts*

repeat * – * to end of row, placing last htr in top of ch2.

(x11htr, x10 ch2 spaces).


Side A row 3: We are going to increase the mesh at each end of the row. 

Ch 4 ( counts as htr and 2ch, turn work, htr into same st ( increase made), ch2, miss 2sts, *htr in next st, ch2, miss 2 sts*

repeat from * – * til end of row placing htr in ch2 of previous row, ch2, htr in same space (increase made). 

(x13htr, x12 ch2 spaces).


 Side A row 4: ch 4 (counts as  htr and 2ch), turn work, miss 2 sts, *htr in next st, ch2, miss 2sts* 

repeat * – * til end of row. (x13htr, x12 ch2 spaces).


Side A row 5 – 15: repeat side A row 4.  Fasten off.  Side A completed.

Grandma Florence Tea Cosy free pattern photo tutorial

 Side B: Join cream yarn in st to the left of st marker #2

Grandma Florence tea cosy free pattern photo tutorial

repeat Side A instructions between markers 2 and 3.  Fasten off and sew in all loose ends.

Remove stitch markers. 

Place on your teapot to check the fit.

Grandma Florence tea cosy free pattern photo tutorial crochetNow for the fun part! Weave the ribbons in and out of the mesh.

ayarnyrobin free crochet tea cosy pattern
weave the ribbons in and out of the mesh…

alternate each row ie, start weaving from under the post on one row and over the post on the next row.  NB/ on row 3 you will not need to alternate in order to keep the pattern of covered and exposed posts.

crochet tea cosy pattern available at ayarnyrobin
This gives me another idea!!!

Repeat weaving ribbons for both Side A and Side B.  Once completed you need to secure the ribbons.  I used a hot glue gun to do this but you could just as easily machine sew. 

Turn work so that the wrong side is facing upwards and begin by securing the ribbons that end by going behind the post. In the picture below this would be the green ribbon, followed by the blue then the red ribbon.  Secure both sides being careful not to pull the ends of the ribbon to tight, you need to allow a little give in the ribbon.

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Continue to secure the ribbons in this way.  You should now only have ribbons that  go over the post left to secure.  To do this split the side of the post stitch with your nail and thread through the ribbon.  In the photo below the top picture shows the blue ribbon already threaded and the bottom picture shows the red ribbon yet to be threaded with the place for it to be threaded through  indicated by the safety pin. 

NB/ this can be a bit tricky and may require a wee bit of patience! 

Once threaded, secure as before. 

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial



Edging:  join cream yarn to the bottom corner (any side).

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Ch2 (does not count as a st), htr into same space (to the right side of ribbon), ch1. 

NB/The next st is to be placed in between ribbon).

*ch1,htr in between ribbon*

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

repeat *- * until last ribbon at the top. Don’t worry too much about the ribbon seeming loose at the sides, just keep placing those htr’s between the ribbons! The last htr being placed to the left side of the last ribbon.

Dc in the sts across the lid of the cosy.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Now place htr to right of top ribbon on opposite side,*ch1, htr in between ribbon*. 

Repeat * – * to end. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Repeat the whole of the edging process on the other side of the cosy, but do not fasten off as this is where the tab is created.. 

Tab: To complete the tab ch2 (does not count as st) turn work, 

Tab Row 1: *htr in ch sp, htr in next st* repeat * – * x3 more times (8htr in total) 

Tab Row 2: ch2 (does not count as a st) turn work, htr in each st along (8htr) 

Tab Row 3: repeat Tab Row 2.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Tab Row 4: Turn work, slst in next 2 sts, ch8, miss 4 sts, slst in next 2sts, fasten off and weave in ends.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Attach button centrally on opposite side to tab.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorialNow to sew handle opening.  To do this sew the two edges on opposite side of cosy to tab and button.  Sew from bottom up to the 4th or 5th ribbon or until the bottom of your handle.

Finally to neaten the edges around the spout, join cream yarn to st just above the tab. 

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Ch2, htr in each st around until st just above button, fasten off and weave in ends. 

crochet tea cosy free pattren and tutorial

Repeat the process to neaten the edges around the handle, this time joining the cream yarn to any st in the opening for the handle, ch2, htr in each st around, joining with a slst in top of ch2 to finish.  Fasten off. 

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Finally to add the pompom. 

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Now you could just make a pompom, but I just tied the first part of a bow over and over until I had a fluffy ball.

crochet Tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

I threaded some yarn through it and secured it to the top of the tea cosy where it looked rather quite proud.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorialEt voila! A beautiful tea cosy to warm your brew!  

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial


Crchet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial






Grandma Florence Tea Cosy part of the Grandma Collection ©2018 designed by Nicola Florence @ayarnyrobin  









New Crochet Tea Cosy Free Pattern Coming Soon…


Just  wanted to drop in and let you know that I am almost done on the  newest tea cosy in the Grandma Collection; which means that  I will release the pattern on Tuesday.  I am so very excited about this one, it’s simply beautiful.  Here’s a sneak peak…

Grandma Florence tea cosy, photo tutorial free pattern

This photo was taken a little while ago…I can’t wait to show you! Have a great weekend


End of year review…Bring on 2018

2017 has certainly had it’s ups and it’s downs.  I am pleased  to report that it is ending on an up.  I have really enjoyed perusing back through my posts and have picked out my favourite from each month in way of  reviewing 2017 here at the nest.  Before we begin I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of my seasoned readers, to those of you that have recently discovered this little corner of yarniness and to you if you have  just stumbled across this post by accident.

Without all of you, I would just be here, hooking and writing and hooking some more; annoying my family by taking photo’s every 2 minutes and whilst that would be ok, it is so much more fun with you dropping by and saying hi every once in a while.  You encourage me and inspire me to keep blogging about all things yarny and for that I am very grateful. 

So grab a glass of prosecco or the bottle!  or maybe a cuppa if you prefer and lets look back at 2017 here at the nest.

January 2017 

shawl crochet ayarnyrobin
crochet in bed.

2017 began with shawls, having completed x2 virus shawls I had the bug for more.  This‘ is the ‘pink shawl’ by Cecile Balladino,  and it is still one of my favourites although I still can’t call it the ‘pink shawl!’

February 2017

#yarnlove challenge 2017

I had so much fun doing the yarn love challenge during February.  A post a day was a challenge, but I relished the daily prods to share. 

I’d love to do this again in 2018. 

Here is a little link to my favourite #yarnlovechallenge post and another favourite… well I couldn’t just pick one!

March 2017

Sunday Shawl by Alia Bland
Sunday Shawl hooking

Another month another shawl…This time the beautiful Sunday Shawl by Alia Bland.  This project proved to be the perfect way to jump into spring, maybe it was those delicious pastels against the warmth of the grey.


Alpaca cake…

A milestone birthday, an alpaca birthday cake, and a graduation. I couldn’t have imagined a happier set of celebrations. I was so  blissfully unaware of the catastrophe about to beset us.

May 2017

Interlocking stitch

At least I got some crochet in whilst juggling hospital trips and the absence of a critically ill Mr R…crochet is not only my joy it’s my default when things get tough…my sanity. 

This Baby Wilmer blanket, filled me with hope, a new life just entering this world, whilst life at the nest  felt as if it had paused in some horrific nightmare.

June 2017 

yarnbomb, ayarnyrobin gate installation

Mr R had prayerfully turned a corner  and our healing had begun, it was time for some fun and this yarny gate installation celebrated that!

July 2017

free dog collar crochet pattern...simple free pattern which you can crochet in under an hour
Jess… with her new crochet collar.

Still healing, but healing well! 

Small projects worked best and this ‘Oh so cute’ free dog collar pattern went down a treat with little Jess.

August 2017

C2C crochet baby blanket, crochet heart squares in paintbox cotton yarn
crochet and coffee

I fell so in love with these adorable C2C (corner to corner)hearts that I just couldn’t stop hooking them!  I couldn’t!! 

They fell off my hook so quickly that before I knew where I was I had enough for a blanket of hearts. 

I have to confess that I still need to border this lovely…yes it is still a PHD (project half done).  In my defense I just can’t decide what colour to border it in!

September 2017

crochet barefoot sandals - Corfu designed by, summer feet
Corfu – Barefoot sandals

September felt much more ‘normal’ although I don’t know why…I spent a large majority of it bobbing around on a lazy river being drenched in golden sunshine on the amazing island of Corfu.  I didn’t forget about you though…look I made these barefoot sandals  by the pool… here’s the link to the free pattern just in case you fancy a pretty 20 minute hook up!

October 2017

Autumn woodland walks a plenty, a suprising wildlife sighting and family…I am so blessed.

November 2017

The Grandma Dot Tea Cosy, crochet tea cosy, The Grandma Collection by ayarnyrobin
Grandma Dot Tea Cosy

Finally, the release of my newest tea cosy in the Grandma Collection…the Grandma Dot tea cosy.  I don’t know why this took me so long to publish but it did.  Anyway, thank you for your frankly very kind feedback about this free pattern…there will be another one coming very shortly in the new year.

December 2017

loom knitted hat, ayarnyrobin
loom knitted beanie…

I told you 2017 ended on an up…the hat fit!

Enough said. 

Thank you 2017 for the joy, for the triumphs, for the challenge and even for the heartbreak…for all the folk that have stood alongside me whether that has been for a few minutes, a few days or for those lifers that are always cheering me on… you know who you are.  

Finally, thank you once again to you, for riding this journey with me… I think you are amazing and want to wish you all a very blessed and  extremely yarny 2018…

wherever it may take you.



Just in time for Christmas…

I just wanted to bob in and out quickly to let you know I did it…I got the hat done and this time it fits!

What do you think?

loom knitted hat, ayarnyrobin
loom knitted beanie…

I am really pleased with it! 

I used Stylecraft Special Chunky in Midnight and King Cole Tonal Chunky in Misty Teal this time and this seems to have made all the difference in terms of size and stretch.  It still needs to stretch a bit…it is an only just fit, but I am hoping it will stretch a little more as it gets worn.  The hats I have made previously have always stretched a bit when worn. 

If you are interested in the pattern details the links to such can be found in this post. I modified the brim slightly by adding a row of double crochet to the bottom of the brim once I had taken it off the loom.  I found the edge curled outwards otherwise and didn’t lie flat.  I think this may have something to do with my cast on technique and being a novice loom knitter!

So there it is… just in time for Christmas! 

I would recommend this pattern if you are still outstanding a hand made gift for Christmas…4 hours and I had this knocked out, so there is still time!

Talking of which if you do celebrate this festive season then I wish you a peaceful and very happy Christmas.    If you are not celebrating then I wish you a happy and crafty weekend.  I will try and pop by before the new year, I’m sure I will feel the need to escape the madness at some point.


Picture Perfect…

A picture perfect weekend…

With all this snow, I have started another hat…let’s see if I can make this one to fit Mr R’s head this time!!! 

Yes, the countdown to Christmas has begun at the nest. 


Hats life!

Thank you so much for your hat suggestions, I have really enjoyed looking at them and reading your thoughts about them. In the end I went with a loom knitted hat, inspired in part by a post I read by Kagibari ami unravelled and a forgotten find in the back of a wardrobe. 

Do you remember this?


Well if I am honest, I had forgotten about it too and seemingly abandoned it in the back of a wardrobe. 

This was my first dabble with loom knitting and on closer inspection, it was a bit holey and I could not remember what pattern I was using or where I had got up to.  So after  falling into the abyss of you tube and loosing myself for almost a whole day, I set my beating heart  upon this pattern

bicolour brioche stitch hat  by Tuteate.

loom knitted beanie hat

I unravelled the yarn from my loom, and began again… only this time I was making a beanie hat for Mr. R. 

loom knitting beanie hat


Oh! how I loved knitting and purling, even if I did have to rip it back 3 times…yes 3 times!!!! to start over and make an emergency dash to the habadashery shop when I snapped my loom pick as my tension was too tight! 

loom knitting beanie hat

When I saw those knitted stripes in perfect formation I didn’t care that my fingers hurt a little or that I had ceased all work on my Charming Harbour Blanket for my new love.

loom knitted beanie hat

I soldiered on until the end, enjoying every knit stitch and every purl stitch until I cast off and realised…

loom knitted beanie hatthis beautiful beanie would not be gracing the fair head of Mr R at all because it was just too small…

but it did fit my little birthday Robin and doesn’t he look dandy in it?

birthday robin

and just in time for the snow!




The Charming Harbour Blanket…

After a slow start I am finally making steady progress on my Charming Harbour blanket. 

crochet blanket, charming harbour blanket
In the beginning…

I have found myself flitting from one project to the next lately, but I am getting at least a couple of rows hooked each evening now; which is reassuringly comforting as the pattern is so familiar.

Charming Harbour Blanket, crochet blanket, mens blanket
Charming Harbour Blanket in the making

I am enjoying the simplicity of the colourway also. A trio of sober colours, which formally stand to attention and which make this blanket so wonderfully handsome and so beautifully striking. 

womens institute yarn

The yarn has also proven to be a joy to hook with.  The yarn is  from the Women’s Institute…you can read my review of it just here.  

I am totally thrilled with this blanket’s reversibility which was entirely serendipitous.  The right side is darker

Charming Harbour crochet blanket for him by ayarnyrobin
Charming Harbour blanket in progress…

and the back (I can’t call it the wrong side…because it is not wrong at all!) is lighter altogether.

I have not been disciplined in weaving in the ends as I go, so I must make more effort else I will have a mammoth task at the end!

lots of ends to sew…

Yes, this Charming Harbour blanket is just that…



Crochet, senior moments and mud!

What do crochet, senior moments and mud have in common? 

Well the answer is me! 

It has been a looooong week…let’s just say that.  Yesterday I was the Duty Health Visitor in the office, we take it in turns to triage calls and sort out various problems…I won’t bore you with the detail.  I took a call from a worried parent and said I’d get the Duty Health Visitor (which was me…I just forgot!!)  After  several enquiries amongst my colleagues I was gently reminded (actually,ribbed to the max) it was me.  I returned to the phone and in a posher voice said Duty Health Visitor, how can I help you? 

This was followed later in the day when I received an email from my GP asking me to attend a well woman check (for women over a certain age)…sigh! 

Then…yes there is more! I had to ask to borrow my Mom’s glasses for the very first time ever to read a food packet. 

Oh my!…little signs.

Another feature looming large in my week has been mud…lots of mud.  I have become a rugby mamma and I need help!  How on earth do I get this….erm…earth out of his kit.

Proud of my boy…he sure can tackle!

Please let me have any top tips for getting rid of all this mud! 

I also need your crochet help…pattern recommendations.  I want to make a few beanie style hats for Christmas, male and female.  I have a few, but they always seem to come off my hook too large or I am always a little disappointed with them.  Can you wholeheartedly recommend a superb pattern?  I would be  so very grateful. 

Have a great weekend.


Women’s Institute Yarn….A review so far

So, what can I tell you about this yarn? 

womens institute yarn

It’s perfectly plump!  

For a dk weight the yarn strand is divinely round, but all in a good way.  I’m hooking my Charming Harbour blanket in this yarn and let me tell you that it is hooking up into a seriously squishy comforter indeed. 

The yarn slides well over my  hook, it feels cozy and comfortable on my skin and has not split or frayed one little bit.

It’s 100%  premium acrylic so is affordable, washable and dryable  and very easy to care for.  The ball band tells me there  is 250m in yarn length for a 100g ball and is exclusive to Hobbycraft.

women's institute yarn

A minimum of 3p from each ball sold is donated to the National Federation of Women’s Institutes

The Women’s Institute is the largest women’s organisation in the UK  and champions all sorts of campaigns such as gender pay gap to midwifery shortages, climate change and food waste.  

On the down side the colour range is basic to say the least, which didn’t matter in the slightest for my Charming Harbour Blanket, which is looking very dapper in a trio tone.

Charming Harbour crochet blanket for him by ayarnyrobin
Charming Harbour blanket in progress…

 This  could be a limitation for my more usual hook ups which consistently involve numerous colours…however, all in all I’m smiling with this yarn.



A Dotty Little Flower…

Below is the very quick and simple pattern for my

‘Dotty Little Flower’

which featured in my latest tea cosy design. 

dotty little crochet flowersThe ‘Grandma Dot Tea cosy’ which is part of my Grandma Collection.

I have had some lovely comments and thought putting the pattern for the flower on a separate post might be useful….even though it is so simple, you could hardly call it a pattern!

Maybe inspiration may be a better phrase.

dotty little crochet flowers


 Any how this is what I did.

To make a dotty little flower, ch4, slst to 1st chain to make a ring. 

Ch 2 (counts as a hdc) x9 hdc into ring, slst into top of starting ch and fasten off to finish.
To create a real field of flowers cross stitch some centres,  add beads to others and save some for a french knot centre.  When using beads, just make sure they have large enough centres for the yarn to pass through!

I used a cheat method to create the french knot centre by pulling a piece of yarn from the back of the flower to the front and then tying a knot x10 in the yarn in exactly the same place to make a large knot. 

a dotty little flower


To finish thread the other tail of the yarn from the front to the back, so both tails are now at the back of the flower, tie to secure and trim tails short.

A dotty little crochet floweret voila! 

A dotty little flower ready to be sewn or glued or attached to whatever your heart desires.

The Grandma Dot Tea Cosy, crochet tea cosy, The Grandma Collection by ayarnyrobin
Grandma Dot Tea Cosy


Dotty Little Flower ©2017 designed by Nicola Florence @ayarnyrobin