A meander through my mind….


This is just a quick update for a year of projects, or YOP as I have being  referring to it through out my posts.  We are actually about half way through this year long project…yes it started in Summer 2014!  

just had to stop the car the other day for this cheeky chappy!
I just had to stop the car the other day for this cheeky chappy!

I have not submitted a YOP post for a while, mainly as I had been working on these cosy blankets …and I have not much else to offer, in terms of started or completed projects  on my YOP list.  I have however, had a few sleepless nights, during which my mind has been turning over plans and patterns and I have been honing my skills over this last couple of weeks, learning new stitches and techniques, which I will take great joy in sharing with you over the coming days and weeks.

 I am preparing a new pattern for you too, which will use some free form crochet and maybe even some felting and use of texture…which, I hope in turn will feed into a crochet wall hanging, which I plan and that does feature on my YOP list.  So for now that is my YOP update…just in case you were thinking I had fallen off the face of the Earth all together.  If you are not participating in YOP, but would like to, you can still join in… check it out just here.



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