Valentines hearts…free pattern.


crochet heart free pattern
a yarny little heart

With Valentines day just around the corner I thought I would post the pattern for ‘a yarny little heart’ that I published a little while back. 

crochet hearts free pattern

This is a super quick make and would make a cute Valentine bunting or embellishment.  The pattern is free and just here and there is a photo tutorial too. 

Happy Hooking!


#yarnlovechallenge days 5 – 8


#yarnlovechallenge... if you’re not following this on Instagram…here are my days 5 – 8.

Day 5: Style… Rocking my own style with these barefoot sandals

Day 6: Colourwork… One of the best things about starting a new project is planning which colours to use. These are my colour pegs and these are the colours of my latest blanket on my hook.  

Day 7: Designer.. My current design crush is Eleonora at Coastal Crochet and this is the beautiful CAL blanket.

Day 8: Prep…Following on from day 7’s designer prompt…I love to design my own hooky makes.  This takes a lot of prep and I do like to be near to the kettle!



#yarnlovechallenge days 1 – 4


#yarnlovechallenge... if you’re not following this on Instagram…here are my days 1 – 4.

Day 1: Intro…Well this is me…

Day 2: Volume…I had to think a bit more about this one. I was going to post a snap of a bright and vibrant crochet blanket, like the Very V blanket.  But, then I thought about those rare precious moments, when all is silent in the nest, and I can curl up with a coffee and some yarn….ssshhhh! 

Day 3: Soothing… That is exactly the essence of this ripple blanket, happy and soothing with a bit of an addictive bobble edge! 

Day 4: Snack…You just can’t beat a clotted cream tea for a real bit of indulgent hooking!



#yarnlovechallenge 2018

yarnlovechallenge 2018So, it begins…

I will be posting daily on Instagram, you can click the Instagram button on the side bar to follow me. 

I will post every few days here on my blog collating a few days prompts together.  If you want to join in then please do, it is a great way to meet fellow crafters and it’s good fun too!



As if having one large blanket on the go isn’t enough!  I have accidentally, well…ok…I spent 2 hours rummaging through my yarn stash, so not accidentally at all…but I couldn’t help but chain the starting chain for this mystery CAL, which is being hosted by the talented Eleonora over at Coastal Crochet.


  In my defence I am using only stash and there are only 4 sweet rows of the pattern being released each week…so that’s doable isn’t it? 

I was a little late to the hook up, starting in week 2, but I am fully caught up and I can’t wait for week 3.  The bobbles were fun to hook and I am pleased with the mustard (gold) against the raspberry.  The yarn is stylecraft special dk and I’m planning on using these colours.

yarn pegsIn addition to these colours I will also be using Graphite (charcoal grey) and Gold and possibly candyfloss pink…I am still undecided about the candyfloss…mmm…we’ll see…What do you think?  

I am slightly disgruntled that I have not been able to find my yarn pegs for these missing colours in the picture, but I am unable to look properly because of this…

It really hurt! and I am a big baby!

Yes, It’s all done and it wasn’t very pleasant and I still feel queasy, and I am not a good patient (it must be the nurse in me!) but I am grateful to be this side of it.  

I have always wanted to complete a CAL like this but have always been a bit cautious about being able to follow the pattern instructions, but Eleonora’s instructions are written very clearly  and she has also made a video tutorial to help out if needed, so I think it will all be gucci.  

The blanket is going to be a fair old size when it’s finished in the Autumn.   You can checkout other blanketeers in this CAL by using the #seasidestashbustingblanket or #coastalcrochetcal.




CAL Granny Style

February is just in view, in fact it’s approaching so quickly it may possibly arrive before I finish this post…you see every time I have sat down to type, something has needed my urgent attention.  It seems this has been the reoccurring theme here at the nest this January, so much so that not a lot of hooking has taken place!!

crochet bag
My crochet has followed me around in this bag…but has not come out to play since Scotland 😦

But… I have plans a foot for February…which start with being immobile thanks to some planned foot surgery early next week.  On the bright side this will require a period of recuperation mainly with my foot up and sat right next to a basket of yarn… hooking perfection! 


First on my hooking list is a delirious granny CAL (crochet a long) which begins on the 01st Feb and which is being hosted by the lovely Rosina over at Zeens and Rogers…do hop over and check out one of her podcasts they always make me smile and always inspire me and of course feel free to join the CAL too.

Top 5 things to crochet when it's hot and number 1 is ironic!
Robins nest square

Thinking about what to hook for the CAL has got me looking at all things granny and I realised that the simple treble stitch nestled next to two other simple treble stitches…classic granny stitch…is actually one of my go to stitches…

Crochet granny square blanketIt is also #yarnlovechallenge time again. Check out last years prompts here and if you want to join the fun check out the #yarnlovechallenge  on Instagram or check back here on Thursday.

So I am going to try and post short daily posts throughout February inspired by the daily prompts and crochet out rather than being too spaced out on pain killers…I hope!

Have a great weekend.


A Wee Scottish Adventure…

Last weekend Mr R and I took the train and embarked upon a wee Scottish adventure. 

It was business for Mr R but I tagged along with my hook and yarn.  The temptation of a long train journey without the little Robins was just too much, even if it did mean an early start!


  It provided a whole few hours of just sitting watching the world go by with just Mr R for company and the opportunity for guilt free hooking…what was not to love!

ayarnyrobin crochet on a trainI got some more rows done on my Charming Harbour Blanket…I am still hooking away at this.  It is rather slow going, not because of the pattern, more the sheer size of the thing and the fact that I am only working on it every now and then.  But, I am enjoying the hook and I do not have any deadline pressures with this one.  

Crochet blanket
Charming Harbour blanket PHD

The journey to Glasgow and then onto Ayrshire was hassle free and I can highly recommend hooking on a train…there is something  about the rhythm of the hooking combined with the uniform clickety clack of the train which hushes one into a calm serenity.

crochet crocheton the train

Mr R got the business thing done quickly and we wound our way down to the north Lake District and found a charming little place to stay in Cockermouth before heading back home to the little Robins because by then we were really beginning to miss them!


The Grandma Florence Tea Cosy

captureIn my haste to release the fourth gorgeous tea cosy of the Grandma Collection…The Grandma Florence tea cosy; I realised that I hadn’t posted the formal introduction.  So here it is…

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial


Dedicated to my lovely Momma…Florence.

My Mom: the woman who raised me and  who has quietly influenced me throughout my life.  

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorialI followed in her duty shoes and trained as a nurse, inspired by memories of her putting on her nurses hat and cape…of course that style of uniform has long since gone…but I wanted to help people just like her.

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial



My Mom has been such a creative influence in my life too, for as long as I can remember she has made stuff.  Clothes, flower arrangements, knitting,  patchwork quilts…no wonder I have the desire to create and craft.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

  My Momma has also taught me how to be a Momma to my boys…and if I do half as good as her then I’ll do alright by them!  But most of all she is always there and she is kind and that is just what I want to be.

Crchet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial  So this is the Grandma Florence tea cosy, a pretty cosy woven with bright ribbons to represent the encouragement, love and inspiration that my Momma has woven throughout my life… Thanks Mom!



crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial


So that is the Grandma Florence tea cosy in all of her glory, here is the pattern linky thing which is free and has a photo tutorial also.


I’ve finally found labels for my crochet…

I’ve finally found labels for my crochet makes!

  The great folk over at Calico Labels 

sent me some to try out and I was super thrilled to say the least. And there is more…Their cracking  little Etsy shop is full of organic cotton no fray labels in some seriously cute designs and fonts.  Seriously cute, so be warned if  you go check them out!


Just look at what they sent me…

personalised organic cotton labels

squeeee…sorry, but they make me very excited.

I have attached the first one to the 100 patch granny that always greets me on my blogging chair.  It took me a little while to decide on which birdie house to choose, but in the end I went with the pink one.personalised organic cotton calico labelsI am so thrilled…thank you Calico Labels






Grandma Florence Tea Cosy…Free Pattern and Tutorial.

captureThis is the fourth tea cosy in the Grandma collection, and is sure to charm.  The crochet mesh design means this pattern makes for a very quick hook up.  Ideal for beginners using just a half treble crochet stitch, this cosy is abidingly delightful and will trim any tea pot with joy.

Dedicated to the inspiration that is ‘Nanna Florence’ otherwise known as my Mom! 

Crchet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial


The pattern makes a tea cosy that fits a standard 6 cup teapot.

I used less than 50g of Stylecraft special dk yarn in cream.    Please note that I have used a different colour yarn in the beginning of the photo tutorial below. 

You will also need a darning needle, a selection of 5mm wide ribbon, a 50cm length of fluff, a button, a pair of scissors and x4 stitch markers (or small safety pins or scraps of different colour yarn).  The use of a hot glue gun is optional, ribbons can either be glued into position or stitched.

ribbons, ayarnyrobin free pattern


Stitches used in this pattern refer to English terminology, however a conversion to US terminology is provided in brackets.

Ch – chain stitch 

slst – slip stitch 

dc –  double crochet (single crochet)

htr– half treble crochet  (half double crochet)

You will also need:

a 4mm crochet hook


Ok, here we go…

Using the cream yarn  Ch 4


Join with a slst to form a ring.

Row 1: Ch1 (does not count as a st), 6hdc into ring,

finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (6hdc).


Row 2: Ch1, (does not count as a st) 2hdc in same space, 2hdc in each st around, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (12hdc).


Row 3: Ch1 (does not count as a st), 2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next st, *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next st* . Repeat * – * to end,  finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (18hdc).


Rows 4: Ch 1 (does not count as a st), 2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next 2 sts, *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next 2 sts*. Repeat *-* to end, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (24hdc).


Row 5: Ch1 (does not count as st), 2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next 3 sts, *2hdc in next st, 1hdc in next 3 sts*. Repeat *-* to end, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (30hdc).

Row 6: Ch 1 (does not count as a st),   2hdc in same space, 1hdc in next 4 sts, *2hdcin next st, 1hdc in next 4 sts*.  Repeat *-* to end, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (36hdc).


Row 7: ch1 ( does not count as a st), 1hdc in same space and in each st around, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (36hdc).  


Row 8: ch1 (does not count as a st), 2hdc in same space andin each st around, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (72hdc).


Row 9 and 10: Repeat row 7, finish with a slst in 1st hdc. (72hdc).  

You should have something that is starting to look a bit like a flying saucer!  This is a good point to check your measurements with your intended teapot.  Place your hooked disc on top of your teapot. You want the edges of the circle to be approx. 1cm from the handle of the teapot.

To mark out handle and spout holes, simply take x4 st markers (or cut short pieces of yarn in a different  colour as I did) and place/ tie first marker in the st behind where you joined last row.

Counting backwards (or to the right)miss x3 sts and place/tie second marker in next st.  This marks out your handle. 


From this second marker count backwards (or to the right) 30sts and place 3rd marker in the next st (31st st).  Return to the first marker and count forwards 30 sts (or to the left) and place 4th marker in the next st.


 You have now marked out the handle and spout positions for your cosy.  Marker #1 and #2 indicate the handle space and markers #3 and #4 indicate the spout space.

The next stage of the cosy is to construct the sides.  So, for the purposes of the pattern these will be referred to as side A  (between marker #1 and #4) and side B between marker #2 and #3). 

crochet tea cosy by a ayarnyrobin

Side A row 1: In Cream yarn Ch 4 (counts as 1htr and 2ch), miss 2sts *htr in next  st, ch2, miss 2sts*

repeat * -* until you reach marker/ tie #4. 

NB/ last htr is completed in st marked by marker / tie #4

(x11htr, x10 ch2spaces)

Grandma Florence tea cosy, photo tutorial free pattern

Side A row 2: ch4 (counts as htr and 2 ch) turn work. 

Miss 2 sts, *htr in next st, ch2, miss 2 sts*

repeat * – * to end of row, placing last htr in top of ch2.

(x11htr, x10 ch2 spaces).


Side A row 3: We are going to increase the mesh at each end of the row. 

Ch 4 ( counts as htr and 2ch, turn work, htr into same st ( increase made), ch2, miss 2sts, *htr in next st, ch2, miss 2 sts*

repeat from * – * til end of row placing htr in ch2 of previous row, ch2, htr in same space (increase made). 

(x13htr, x12 ch2 spaces).


 Side A row 4: ch 4 (counts as  htr and 2ch), turn work, miss 2 sts, *htr in next st, ch2, miss 2sts* 

repeat * – * til end of row. (x13htr, x12 ch2 spaces).


Side A row 5 – 15: repeat side A row 4.  Fasten off.  Side A completed.

Grandma Florence Tea Cosy free pattern photo tutorial

 Side B: Join cream yarn in st to the left of st marker #2

Grandma Florence tea cosy free pattern photo tutorial

repeat Side A instructions between markers 2 and 3.  Fasten off and sew in all loose ends.

Remove stitch markers. 

Place on your teapot to check the fit.

Grandma Florence tea cosy free pattern photo tutorial crochetNow for the fun part! Weave the ribbons in and out of the mesh.

ayarnyrobin free crochet tea cosy pattern
weave the ribbons in and out of the mesh…

alternate each row ie, start weaving from under the post on one row and over the post on the next row.  NB/ on row 3 you will not need to alternate in order to keep the pattern of covered and exposed posts.

crochet tea cosy pattern available at ayarnyrobin
This gives me another idea!!!

Repeat weaving ribbons for both Side A and Side B.  Once completed you need to secure the ribbons.  I used a hot glue gun to do this but you could just as easily machine sew. 

Turn work so that the wrong side is facing upwards and begin by securing the ribbons that end by going behind the post. In the picture below this would be the green ribbon, followed by the blue then the red ribbon.  Secure both sides being careful not to pull the ends of the ribbon to tight, you need to allow a little give in the ribbon.

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Continue to secure the ribbons in this way.  You should now only have ribbons that  go over the post left to secure.  To do this split the side of the post stitch with your nail and thread through the ribbon.  In the photo below the top picture shows the blue ribbon already threaded and the bottom picture shows the red ribbon yet to be threaded with the place for it to be threaded through  indicated by the safety pin. 

NB/ this can be a bit tricky and may require a wee bit of patience! 

Once threaded, secure as before. 

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial



Edging:  join cream yarn to the bottom corner (any side).

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Ch2 (does not count as a st), htr into same space (to the right side of ribbon), ch1. 

NB/The next st is to be placed in between ribbon).

*ch1,htr in between ribbon*

Crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

repeat *- * until last ribbon at the top. Don’t worry too much about the ribbon seeming loose at the sides, just keep placing those htr’s between the ribbons! The last htr being placed to the left side of the last ribbon.

Dc in the sts across the lid of the cosy.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Now place htr to right of top ribbon on opposite side,*ch1, htr in between ribbon*. 

Repeat * – * to end. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Repeat the whole of the edging process on the other side of the cosy, but do not fasten off as this is where the tab is created.. 

Tab: To complete the tab ch2 (does not count as st) turn work, 

Tab Row 1: *htr in ch sp, htr in next st* repeat * – * x3 more times (8htr in total) 

Tab Row 2: ch2 (does not count as a st) turn work, htr in each st along (8htr) 

Tab Row 3: repeat Tab Row 2.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Tab Row 4: Turn work, slst in next 2 sts, ch8, miss 4 sts, slst in next 2sts, fasten off and weave in ends.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Attach button centrally on opposite side to tab.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorialNow to sew handle opening.  To do this sew the two edges on opposite side of cosy to tab and button.  Sew from bottom up to the 4th or 5th ribbon or until the bottom of your handle.

Finally to neaten the edges around the spout, join cream yarn to st just above the tab. 

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Ch2, htr in each st around until st just above button, fasten off and weave in ends. 

crochet tea cosy free pattren and tutorial

Repeat the process to neaten the edges around the handle, this time joining the cream yarn to any st in the opening for the handle, ch2, htr in each st around, joining with a slst in top of ch2 to finish.  Fasten off. 

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Finally to add the pompom. 

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

Now you could just make a pompom, but I just tied the first part of a bow over and over until I had a fluffy ball.

crochet Tea cosy free pattern and tutorial

I threaded some yarn through it and secured it to the top of the tea cosy where it looked rather quite proud.

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorialEt voila! A beautiful tea cosy to warm your brew!  

crochet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial


Crchet tea cosy free pattern and tutorial






Grandma Florence Tea Cosy part of the Grandma Collection ©2018 designed by Nicola Florence @ayarnyrobin